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Stone-Butch 12-03-2023 03:38 PM

Salmon with broccoli and cheese. Ice tea.

Stone-Butch 12-05-2023 05:02 PM

Baked chicken wings with tater tots. Ice tea.

Orema 12-06-2023 04:31 AM

Homemade beef stew. It was sooo good. I made it in my mini crock pot. I’m having leftovers tonight and I might make some hot water cornbread to go with it. Maybe.


Stone-Butch 12-06-2023 07:37 PM

Cod fish with steamed broccoli. Ice tea.

Kätzchen 12-06-2023 11:51 PM

Half of a Bahn Mi sandwich (so yummy). And a cup of clear broth soup spiced with sweet onion and cilantro. (Soooo tasty). ☺️

Bèsame* 12-07-2023 08:39 AM

My bestie and I are out of town, so last night we had Cuban tamales. Oh so good, and lots of left overs!
Mango margarita.

Later there was decaf coffee and cookies.

Stone-Butch 12-07-2023 04:48 PM

Salmon filet, rice palif and a side of steamed peas. Ice tea.

cinnamongrrl 12-07-2023 09:55 PM

My daughter and I went out for pizza. I’m not generally a pizza person BUT this was really good. Wood fired bbq chicken pizza. We had Asiago arancini for an appetizer. It was wicked good

Kätzchen 12-15-2023 06:23 PM

Salmon, cooked in Teriyaki sauce (bought at the delicatessen), lime Mission tortilla chips with King Harvest Sund Dried Tomato Hummus, bottled water and a cup of herbal tea.

Orema 12-16-2023 09:14 AM

Tonight on the menu is a chicken soup recipe that calls for rice, ginger, turmerick, bok choy, fresh chile peppers and more. It's the first time I'm trying this recipe and am looking forward to it. It's suppose to be good for colds, but I just want some spicy comfort food and this looks like it will hit the spot.

I don't have the fresh peppers, but I have some chili oil that should work well.


Stone-Butch 12-16-2023 06:57 PM

Ordered as much Chinese as I could have for two days. Lots of good stuff.

cinnamongrrl 12-17-2023 02:24 PM

I’m not sure if it’s dinner per se since I may be going out later, but I made soup. Turkey kielbasa, baby potatoes, veggies and cheesy sauce made with Colby jack and chicken broth. Very yummy

Chancie 12-17-2023 03:58 PM

I’m making tilapia, with yuca and sofrito, store bought, but it’s all veggies. I asked Pete to make rice because she’s more patient with rinsing and soaking.

Bèsame* 12-17-2023 08:49 PM

Chantilly Mashed potatoes
(Copied a receipe I saw on a cooking show)
Chicken wings with various flavors
Pumpkin bread

Stone-Butch 12-18-2023 01:32 PM

Leftover Chinese plus shrimp rolls I picked up today on way back from my MRI

Chancie 12-18-2023 07:03 PM

We had red cabbage with sesame oil, soy sauce, and lemon juice with baked tofu and roasted green beans over udon.

Stone-Butch 12-19-2023 03:59 PM

Brocolli stuffed chicken breast with cheese sauce and tater tots. Ice tea.

Chancie 12-19-2023 07:39 PM

We had shrimp, sauteed with peppers, over rice with corn and sofrito.

cinnamongrrl 12-19-2023 10:25 PM

I made meatloaf and baked potatoes in the crockpot. It never occurred to me to make either of those things in a crockpot. It came out wicked good.

GeorgiaMa'am 12-19-2023 10:42 PM

Five Guys burgers and fries.

Stone-Butch 12-20-2023 06:05 PM

Shrimp coctail, 2 small lobster tails, steamed mussles in white wine. Sauce for all. Ice tea.

Chancie 12-20-2023 08:20 PM

Pete picked up Subway on her way home from work. I always feel like I’m getting away with something when we buy dinner!

Kätzchen 12-21-2023 05:35 PM

Savory Stuffed Delicata Squash
LINK: https://www.stillwoodkitchen.com/sav...licata-squash/


Chancie 12-21-2023 06:17 PM

I'm simmering homemade spaghetti sauce, which smells ridiculous. I’ll serve it over pasta.

Stone-Butch 12-21-2023 09:33 PM

Beautiful side of codfish with a side of steamed spinach. Ice tea.

GeorgiaMa'am 12-22-2023 08:35 PM

- cream of tomato soup
- a chicken sandwich
- eggnog with a single shot of Jim Beam Vanilla

Orema 12-23-2023 03:08 AM

Last night was steak and potatoes cooked in my new HexClad pans. I may make some beef stew tonight..

GeorgiaMa'am 12-23-2023 07:12 PM

- French onion soup
- Ribeye steak
- Sweet potato with cinnamon sugar and butter

cinnamongrrl 12-23-2023 07:39 PM

I had my last Factor meal from my recent shipment.

Spicy poblano beef with broccoli rice. Very good. Would’ve made an excellent dip for tortilla chips.

Stone-Butch 12-23-2023 08:34 PM

Nice thick piece of prime rib with a side of broccoli. Ice tea.

Chancie 12-24-2023 10:50 AM

We had ice cream for dinner last night.

We’re going to our (vegetarian) friends’ house tonight, so I’m not sure but Pete made pumpkin bread last night and she’s making gingerbread cookies now.

Bèsame* 12-24-2023 01:01 PM

Lobster Bisque
Sliced apple
A litte pecan pie tartlet

Gemme 12-24-2023 09:04 PM

I had beef tips, roasted potatoes with peppers, butternut ravioli with apples and leeks, super thin sliced bread toasted and schmeared with Sarabeth's no added sugar jam plus blood orange and tangerine juice to drink. Delish!

Kätzchen 12-25-2023 09:40 AM

Lots of water and probably broth type soup (woke up with a Covid type of cold)

Bèsame* 12-25-2023 11:01 AM

In the world of soft foods for Mom, I'm opting for something solid. Merry Christmas to me.

Grilled rib eye. (Rare please)
Hashbrown casserole
Jalapeno popper crescent rolls

*putting some casserole in blender with broth for Mom💝

Soft*Silver 12-25-2023 02:34 PM

Nah humbug…. Developed a stomach bug overnight. So nothing but fluids for me.

GeorgiaMa'am 12-25-2023 05:35 PM

- Broccoli Cheese soup
- tiny gingerbread muffins

Stone-Butch 12-26-2023 04:55 PM

Baked chicken wings in BBQ sauce with tater tots. Ice tea.

GeorgiaMa'am 12-26-2023 06:25 PM

A care package/leftovers from the boy's biological family:

- ham
- corn soufflé
- broccoli rice casserole
- chocolate cake

Stone-Butch 12-27-2023 02:37 PM

Rainbow trout filet with asparagus spears. Ice tea.

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