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Kätzchen 05-29-2023 09:36 AM

We are going to keep it simple by eating more vegetables and fruits and maybe some sort of protein. I plan to make veggie wraps for our main meal today: sliced sweet Red Pepper, Romaine leaves, blueberries, and mozzarella (shredded) all enclosed inside a keto tortilla shell type burrito wrap.

And I have a pitcher of watermelon-ade chilling in the fridge (our water for our supper hour).

kittygrrl 05-29-2023 04:26 PM

Just back from a nice barbecue...hot

water was cool

i had
potatoe salad
grilled garlic bread
gelato w brownie(was amazing!)

Stone-Butch 06-03-2023 08:39 PM

Dinner tonight
A huge order of Chinese food. Definitly enough for two with leftovers (Tomorrows dinner is ready)

Soft*Silver 06-04-2023 11:36 AM

Salad with lettuce and radish from my garden!

Orema 06-11-2023 09:40 AM

Spam fried rice with carrots, peas, green bell pepper, maybe an egg over rice. Small green salad on the side.

AlexF 06-11-2023 02:20 PM

waiting on tabouleh and a falafel wrap with extra hot sauce

Gemme 06-11-2023 03:00 PM

It will most likely be more of the spinach, pepperoni and cheese calzone I had for brunch. Maybe some Greek cucumber salad as well. I'm still on my flavored water kick so it will definitely be a lot of blackberry lemonade water too.

GeorgiaMa'am 06-11-2023 09:52 PM

Wings and fries. They were delicious, but I have been eating too much crap trying to make up for 8 days of lousy hospital food.

Gemme 06-20-2023 11:56 AM

It's either going to be jasmine rice with kielbasa and steamed veggies or a rigged version of grilled cheese as I don't have the right kind of bread but am starting to feel a hankering for one.

ksrainbow 06-20-2023 05:54 PM

Grilled chicken thighs, cucumbers marinated in Italian seasonings. A side of homemade garlic beer bread!

Fresh strawberry's with yogurt to finish :byebye:


GeorgiaMa'am 06-20-2023 07:59 PM

- a roast beef sandwich
- white grapes

Kätzchen 07-21-2023 07:50 PM

Chilled Roiboos & Dark Cherry herbal tea, some corn on the cob (pass the butter and salt and pepper please) and Apricot Chipotle Meatloaf (it’s a non-meat meatloaf made from whole grains that we got at the hot case in the grocery store).

Homemade snickerdoodle banana cream pie with chopped and crushed walnut crust.

GeorgiaMa'am 07-23-2023 09:04 AM

Tonight I'm going all out:

- yellow squash casserole with cheese
- beef roast
- roasted potatoes
- roasted carrots
- pecan cream pie with strawberries on the side

PlatinumPearl 07-23-2023 11:01 AM

Potato, cauliflower and green pea curry with steamed yellow beans.

AlexF 07-23-2023 04:40 PM

Roasted eggplant with pesto rice bowl

kittygrrl 07-24-2023 02:16 PM

Grilled Bread

Bèsame* 08-01-2023 04:20 PM

Chicken Pad Thai
I'm having asparagus with mine. Mom will probably think it's to spicey, so just chicken, potato salad and baked beans for her.

GeorgiaMa'am 08-01-2023 08:14 PM

Deep dish pizza and pistachio ice cream

GeorgiaMa'am 08-02-2023 09:09 PM

Cole slaw
corn on the cob

Orema 08-04-2023 07:08 AM

Last night was Naan bread dipped in olive oil, za'atar and hummus, with chopped olives, chunks of feta, tomatoes. It was the perfect finger food on a hot day.

Will have the same tonight but with celery sticks, I guess, and maybe a watermelon salad.

Have gained 10 lbs of the 16 lbs I lost from the surgeries. So I have to give up the Naan bread, Oreos, Drumsticks, cinnamon bread, Ritz crackers and more. I have lots of fruits and veggies to help me withdraw. It was fun while it lasted.


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