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homoe 05-18-2019 09:07 AM

Playing tour guide..
For a visitor arriving from Chicago, but mostly the trip down the coast to Oregon.

Our two destinations are VooDoo Doughnuts and Allport greeting cards...:hangloose:

Orema 05-22-2019 05:53 AM

– Meeting my deadline today by end of business
– Taking off Thursday and Friday with a 3-day weekend
– Washing my makeup brushes
– Cruising Grand on Friday


VintageFemme 05-22-2019 09:12 PM

W i n t e r

Kätzchen 05-24-2019 08:02 PM

The film Rocket Man, starring Taron Egerton, of Kingsmen fame, as Elton John, in a biopic about Elton John's life and music.

Can't wait until next Thursday, May 30th. I bet it smashes the summer movie box office records.

kittygrrl 05-25-2019 04:51 PM


RockOn 05-25-2019 05:11 PM

Hey kittygrrl
Have fun tonight! :)

candy_coated_bitch 05-26-2019 12:05 PM

Having food in the house. Not looking forward to the actual shopping part though.

Gemme 05-26-2019 09:00 PM

I am looking forward to getting off of work tomorrow. I've been with this company for almost 9 years and this is the first year they've had us work Memorial Day. Phooey.

VintageFemme 05-26-2019 09:04 PM

Finally getting the guest room 'guest' ready and the patio zen ready.

Chad 05-27-2019 06:14 AM

Looking forward
Florida for some learning and a little fun.

clay 05-27-2019 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by Chad (Post 1246749)
Florida for some learning and a little fun.

Send me your digits, pls...:)

Chad 05-27-2019 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by clay (Post 1246750)
Send me your digits, pls...:)

I IMed you bud.

RockOn 05-27-2019 08:19 PM

I am looking forward to my head meeting the pillow as soon as the dogs finish wrestling on the bed. They all ate good, we went out after they ate so they could play after it had cooled down some. I installed another bright flood light yesterday. They did not want to join me much outside today. Unbearable heat! We came in a few minutes ago. I am both exhausted and sunburned too I think.

I am so slow ... took me all day to mow lawns and plant two 10 ft 4×4's in the ground in concrete. I did nothing to harm my back. Sat on the ground mostly and dug two feet down for each 4x4. I enjoyed looking at my work just before dark because I could see "accomplishments" all over the place ... makes me feel good. :)

JDeere 05-27-2019 08:35 PM

Getting all the fraud charges cleared on my credit card and restoring some of my credit.

homoe 05-28-2019 08:36 AM

Another trip down to Portland!

homoe 06-15-2019 09:15 AM


A trip down to Tacoma on Tuesday & A trip across the water to Seattle on Wednesday...........

easygoingfemme 06-17-2019 06:03 PM

A picnic with friends tomorrow. I was supposed to be going to a concert with them but I'm just not dealing well with crowds right now and need to give myself a break with that and say it's okay to not go. But we're going to meet up at a park earlier in the day and have a cookout and just hang away from the big crowds.

Kenna 06-20-2019 09:18 PM

Saturday...AC unit and huge window install
I'm done with bad weather interruptions. So ready for this to be done.

girl_dee 06-22-2019 12:55 PM

a weekend hanging out with my husbutch............

RockOn 06-22-2019 06:35 PM

Looking forward to these severe thunderstorms to move out and be gone. It is 7:25 and the watch is over at 9:00. I fed the pups, then had to push them out the door, course I went with them ... at least everone peed but then a bad thunderclap erupted and they all scrambled to the back door. It was only lightly raining. I want them to be able to go back out, relax enough to do their #2 potty and drink a little water. Right now the three of them are a nervous wreck. Poor babies cannot help it ... and I love all of them so much but right now I cannot help that they are working my last nerve tonight. It really is not much of a storm anymore, only thunder. I honestly believe they think we are about to get clobbered by an F5 ranker. :(

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