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kittygrrl 12-04-2014 04:35 PM

What are you paying for gas right now?
I'm really interested in what people are paying for gas in their area. It seems to vary so much. I'm in Seattle and paying $3.28 (for regular) right now. That's too high:sigh:

A. Spectre 12-04-2014 04:36 PM

Chicago - $3.28 for 93 octane

SleepyButch 12-04-2014 04:38 PM

I paid 2.57 a gallon a few days ago for no ethanol premium gas. I live near OKC. Not sure what it is today.

Regular unleaded was 2.20 I believe

girlin2une 12-04-2014 04:43 PM

Cost in south central Ontario (Canada) $1.09/litre

cinnamongrrl 12-04-2014 04:51 PM

Eastern Nc....

I paid 2.59 for 87 today. It was. 10cents more in Charlotte..

firegal 12-04-2014 04:52 PM

$2.78 at costco for med octane it seems like we get fucked with to appreciate the lower prices to have them go higher in a month or so...

I just want consistency!.... With out the trumped up bullshit!

Orema 12-04-2014 05:06 PM

$3.03, Premium, Costco, Southern California, a couple days ago

*Anya* 12-04-2014 05:09 PM

$2.85 at the Arco by our house- we filled up just a few minutes ago, in Orange County, CA

Gemme 12-04-2014 05:24 PM

$2.83 for regular half a mile away from my home.

Femmadian 12-04-2014 05:43 PM

Where I am on the Canadian East Coast, it's currently around 110 cents a litre, which converts to around $3.65/gallon if we're using US measurements. So... roughly the same as what girlin2une is paying over in Ontario.

I'm actually really pleased with this. It's the lowest it's been in four years out here and by a significant amount. Just a few months ago I was paying upwards of 140+ cents a litre, which is $4.65/gallon.

I guess it's all relative. Personally, I would love to pay $3.28/gallon! That would be 98 cents a litre! OMG. :| I would feel like that lady in the Ikea commercials when it came time to pay at the pump. "START THE CAR!"


homoe 12-04-2014 05:50 PM

Gas in West Seattle is $2.94 at the station we always go to :nerd:

Jesse 12-04-2014 05:59 PM

It's averaging around $2.60 around here at the moment.

Vivacious1 12-04-2014 07:03 PM

2.39 here in Louisiana

Blade 12-04-2014 07:07 PM

2.59 and going down. Cheaper than that in SC I go down there sometime and get it. I have 45 cents on my rewards card so I'll probably get it down there this weekend for less than 2 bucks a gallon

MysticOceansFL 12-04-2014 09:06 PM

....... $2.56..........

starryeyes 12-04-2014 09:21 PM

I think I just paid $3.39 but I live downtown so it's always more expensive. I have seen it for $3.08 other places in town.

DapperButch 12-04-2014 09:23 PM

$2.75 :sushi:

starryeyes 12-04-2014 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by *Anya* (Post 954009)
$2.85 at the Arco by our house- we filled up just a few minutes ago, in Orange County, CA

Really?? That's crazy!! I haven't paid less than $3 in forever.

Kelt 12-04-2014 09:37 PM

:carride: $2.75 regular

MsTinkerbelly 12-04-2014 09:41 PM

We paid $2.85 a couple of weeks ago at the Morongo Casino pumps, and i can get gas here in town for 2.89.

After so long at/around 4.00 a gallon, it is very welcome.

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