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lveshoney 04-24-2015 05:56 PM

I'm volunteering for Pet adoption days. I'm hoping many fur babies get to go to warm loving homes this weekend.

JDeere 04-24-2015 06:17 PM

Skyping with her later on, after she is done coloring her hair! :|

EnchantedNightDweller 04-24-2015 08:28 PM

Going to see Daddy tomorrow! :hk13:

QueenofSmirks 04-25-2015 07:50 AM

A week in Las Vegas in June!

PaPa 04-25-2015 08:21 AM

I am having a visitor soon! She definitely can use the time away and I can definitely use the pleasant break too. If it warms up some I may make some great plans for while she is here.

Orema 05-01-2015 06:16 AM

A three-day weekend that includes:
- Lunch with the girls
- Hector's black beans
- Starting a DIY project of refinishing a church pew (thanks to youtube!)
- Listening to Toni Morrison's audio book
- Catching up on some news
- Not reading any work email

Life could be worse ...

Blade 05-02-2015 09:38 PM

My annual Spring long weekend trip with Mom, beginning Thursday.

Kenna 05-02-2015 10:55 PM


JDeere 05-03-2015 12:57 AM

More crawfish and more partying within the next 2 weeks!

But for now I will settle with a good night's sleep!

Evolved 05-03-2015 01:46 AM

Meeting the lady of my dreams.

Kenna 05-03-2015 03:38 AM

SUNRISE and everybody in the house to wake up so we can pack the cooler and "get a wiggle on"!

cinnamongrrl 05-03-2015 05:28 AM

Another weekend away...not this weekend coming but the following one....


Bèsame* 05-03-2015 09:15 AM


A break from work. One of many, due to the longevity of working with my employer. Time to do nothing, or everything fun and wonderful! This vacation, will end with a new beginning. I'm very excited and anxious for this time in my life.

Kenna 05-03-2015 09:02 PM

Acupuncture this week and next!!
So excited that my Care Team has opened up opportunities for me to have frequent hour long meetings with an amazing (actual) Doctor of Physical Therapy/ Professor at a local college...and a highly skilled, highly credentialed Acupuncturist that has offered for me to see her at her practice more frequently than when she volunteers at my main clinic.
My quality of life has been so much improved, sometimes by small steps, since adding these two treatments to my medical plan.
I'm looking forward to sticking to my Plan.

Evolved 05-03-2015 09:12 PM

-Hanging with an adorable 2 year old - my nephew. Chuck/Cheese is in his future.

-U2 concert!

-Holiday with some pals

JDeere 05-04-2015 12:32 AM

For my next massage!

Tierney 05-08-2015 05:18 PM

My 4-day weekend in less than two weeks !! :koolaid:

Blade 05-08-2015 06:26 PM

The child upstairs to go to bed

Talon 05-08-2015 06:46 PM

Picking up the diamond that is MY gift to me.

GeorgiaMa'am 05-08-2015 09:32 PM

Putting together my four new chairs (burnt orange, leather) and seeing my dining room looking sharp.

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