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Stone-Butch 03-17-2023 08:24 PM

Dinner tonight.
I love corn beef and cabbage dinner we had it once a week for most of my life. Tonight, Trout and brussels sprouts.

kittygrrl 03-20-2023 09:26 PM

Greek lemon potatoes
Greek salad w Kalamata olives

Gayandgray 03-21-2023 12:43 PM

Dairy Queen grilled chicken bites and cheese curds, ice water with lemon:hangloose:

GeorgiaMa'am 03-22-2023 08:16 PM

- Beef lo mein

Gayandgray 03-23-2023 10:38 PM

Ham and cabbage, iced tea

FireSignFemme 03-24-2023 10:56 AM

J made orange chicken and stir fried rice. It was family dinner night last night and since there wasn't enough for everyone at my younger son's place and my eldest and his family are going out of town all the left overs are mine :) mine :) mine :) !

GeorgiaMa'am 04-08-2023 02:14 AM

From a fantastic food truck:
- Carnitas
- Refried beans with cheese on top
- Mexican rice
- Corn tortillas

GeorgiaMa'am 04-15-2023 03:18 AM

Squash hash. It's a depression-era dish of yellow squash, onions and hash brown potatoes. It was delicious. It would have been more delicious with bacon, but I didn't have any. Olive oil and butter did their magic, though.

GeorgiaMa'am 04-15-2023 09:58 PM

- Chicken pot pie with carrots
- Keebler Deluxe Grahams

I've spent about $400 in the past week on food. The freezer, refrigerator and pantry are packed. I feel myself getting back in the habit of cooking.

kittygrrl 04-16-2023 12:30 PM

making crusty rolls to go with a bean soup...it's raining

Bèsame* 04-16-2023 03:21 PM

Mom and I, both have left overs from last night. We went out to a Mexican restaurant. Let me tell you, it's some good stuff!!

Soft*Silver 04-16-2023 10:21 PM

I made a whole turkey yesterday. And potato salad using the eggs from my hens. Topped it off with a kale salad.

AlexF 04-19-2023 05:44 PM

About to devour a brown rice bowl with tofu, broccoli, and grilled asparagus topped with a miso and sesame oil dressing. Looking at the air fryer timer... 3 mins left.

Soft*Silver 04-20-2023 04:15 PM

Antipasto salad

AlexF 04-23-2023 05:35 PM

Strawberry Lemon Shortbread Cosmic Bliss.

kittygrrl 04-28-2023 02:23 PM

Vegan Caesar

Gayandgray 04-29-2023 12:34 PM

Gonna make breakfast for supper tonight: scrapple, eggs, hash browns…….

FireSignFemme 05-02-2023 08:20 PM

Raspberry Zingers, gummy bears, I should probably have some sort of protein something for dessert.

GeorgiaMa'am 05-02-2023 09:14 PM

- eggplant casserole
- mac and cheese
- banana pudding

Kätzchen 05-03-2023 01:57 PM

We are going to a high school baseball game tonight....

so, most likely it will be donating a lot of money to the concession stand and the booster club. :blush:

Beer and Hotdogs :kissy:


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