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candy_coated_bitch 08-22-2018 04:13 PM

My love's birthday!

girl_dee 08-22-2018 07:36 PM

Jan 1.................

Reach *BANNED* 08-22-2018 08:59 PM

Labor Day weekend. :love1:

clay 08-23-2018 04:29 AM

Watching that all unfold.....

Orema 08-23-2018 05:38 AM

Playing hooky and going to the movies. Hoping I can make that happen today. Maybe, maybe not.

Chad 08-23-2018 11:06 AM

Looking forward
A week in New Orleans with my friends and colleagues.

Fun time!

easygoingfemme 08-24-2018 01:31 PM

In about 10 minutes I'm heading out with my work husband on his Harley. We're doing a 100 mile fundraiser ride tomorrow and doing a warm up ride today when we close up shop at work :)

Coming up - annual campout with a bunch of friends. We build a compound by a lake and have a blast.

In two weeks I'm going on an all expense paid (work) trip to Florida. I'll be in a special victims/crime victims law enforcement and policy training during the days but after 4pm I'll be free to roam Florida with two of my favorite co-workers!

girl_dee 08-25-2018 07:20 AM

The weekend with my love!

BŤsame* 08-25-2018 01:17 PM

Pool time in a few hours!

LaDivina 08-28-2018 12:26 PM

This weekend! Seeing friends and spending good time with Reach. :heartbeat:

RockOn 08-28-2018 05:23 PM

I look forward to the thunder to cease.

Three size large dogs are all trying to get up under me. :(

WheatToast 08-28-2018 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by girl_dee (Post 1222973)
Jan 1.................

I'm looking forward to the midterm elections!:hammer:

girl_dee 08-28-2018 08:05 PM

Becoming Mrs. Mel!

FireSignFemme 08-28-2018 09:35 PM

Refresh my memory practice driving Ė just one more month to go. :)

cinnamongrrl 08-29-2018 06:19 AM

Sounds odd but.... I canít wait for my coconut oil to be back in a solid state again. Itís been many moons and Iím really just used to it as a solid.

girl_dee 08-30-2018 06:45 AM

this weekend!

girl_dee 09-01-2018 08:22 AM

Looking forward to seeing Planet peeps tonight!

easygoingfemme 09-01-2018 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by girl_dee (Post 1223758)
Looking forward to seeing Planet peeps tonight!

Me tooooo!

girl_dee 09-06-2018 12:59 PM

Tomorrow!!!! All will be right in the world once hy is home.

ProfPacker 09-06-2018 02:06 PM

Having fun with a kind, special person.

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