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Blade 10-05-2014 07:43 PM

I've learned that Geese nor Owls can fly when they are molting. They are very venerable during this time

I've learned you can make some really nice things out of junk, and people will buy it

I've learned that it doesn't matter how many glasses you wash, when you let the water out of the sink, suddenly you'll find another glass

SleepyButch 10-05-2014 07:57 PM

I've learned that objects in the mirror may not be closer than you think.

Something to ponder isn't it?

Kenna 10-06-2014 10:15 PM

I have learned that knowledge and confidence in myself has given my heart and soul much peace.

I have learned... I am not afraid to face difficult situations head on, because my other mom, Momma D, taught me how and encouraged me to "stop being mousy"

I have learned my value and the value of those I consider important to me.

I have learned I have nothing to be ashamed of, even bad decisions that lead me to reanalyze how I move forward and whom I allow in my circle of close family and friends.

I have learned (thru previous experience with my bio mom who has serious dependency issues) not to be codependent or to sacrifice my health and goals to take care of energy draining people.

I have learned...I have every right to stand proud of who I am and my dignity.

Blade 10-18-2014 07:32 AM

I've learned in the past 2 years I have rekindled a new love for the beach.
I've learned there is just as much nature to enjoy as there is in the mountains. You just have to look for it differently.
Ive learned that navigating around these islands can be tricky sometime.
I've learned that when there is a traffic issue you are just stuck cuz there is only one road in and out

Kenna 10-18-2014 08:03 AM

I have learned some very valuable information from an obituary, family tree website, and military records.

I have learned how to enjoy a beautiful day and to let go of ugly feelings.

I have learned a new confidence in my decisions to stand up for myself.

I have learned how intensely healing it is to "give my troubles to the land and water, and I will receive peace in return".

I have learned that it's time to write three separate messages in bottles, and set them free to find their new owners.

JDeere 10-18-2014 03:43 PM

That people aren't always who they appear to be

Not to be afraid of anything, anymore

kittygrrl 12-02-2014 12:12 PM

I've learned that the first answer you get is usually the best one.

A. Spectre 12-02-2014 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by kittygrrl (Post 953361)
I've learned that the first answer you get is usually the best one.

...especially if that's the answer you wanted to hear. :jester:

kittygrrl 12-02-2014 02:21 PM

Today I learned..

homoe 12-02-2014 05:03 PM

I've learned ....
To always trust your gut instincts, they seldom stir you wrong:doh:

CherryWine 12-02-2014 06:35 PM

I've learned that things are seldom ever as bad as I think they will be...yet I still manage to worry. :worried:

MysticOceansFL 12-02-2014 06:47 PM

What I've learned:
Never take friendship for granted and don't say or do anything hateful during the times of being angry because your words and actions you can never take back but your actions in a positive way can move anyone forward. Always treasure friends and family and pets because to me all those things enhances humanity to be better as loving generation and that's what we all need. And I'm grateful for the friends I have because it might have appeared I was angry or pushing people away but those you know me some at least give me a chance and I'm grateful for that. So wishing everyone happy holidays!

Rockinonahigh 12-02-2014 06:55 PM

What I have learned is that money can't buy happiness,but it sure greases the wheels of life so it can roll smoothly.

Vivacious1 12-02-2014 07:13 PM

I have learned that true friends are few and far between, cherish them. I have also learned that love is rare...
I have learned that zebras don't change there stripes. If I've been there done that, the next time the situation comes around, don't do it again, cause the results are the same.

~ocean 12-02-2014 07:24 PM

~~ don't react without knowing ~~

Daniela 12-02-2014 07:34 PM

I've learned to never say never. You never know what will happen.

kittygrrl 02-15-2015 11:48 AM

Learned too late
http://holdinholden.com/wp-content/u...04/blog418.jpg it's true

FemmeBibliophile 02-15-2015 12:25 PM

I have learned that just because things don't happen in the time frame that we ourselves set... doesn't mean it's not meant to happen. Sometimes it just takes a little time!

Daktari 02-15-2015 02:44 PM

I've learned that...
I cannot control people, places or things. [unless consensually of course :groucho:]

If I continue to choose to do the next right thing then right things happen for me.

The world is a mirror and whatever I put out to it in thought, word and action, gets reflected back to me.

That the common denominator in any of the troubles in my life is me.
My experience has shown that once I stop creating my own chaos there are no dramas and I don't attract folks who bring their own dramas.

The universe is bountiful when I choose to see it.

That love is consistent action not a bunch of flowers or fancy words.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to just to love and be loved in return"[Nature Boy by eden ahbez <<< this dude insisted on his name being written in lower case according to wiki]

Humanesque 02-15-2015 03:52 PM

Love the simple things in life. They're what really mean the most.

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