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Stone-Butch 02-19-2024 10:50 PM

Looking forward to
Spring with all its rain to clean up what winter has left behind. To see all the new life growing right before our eyes. Trees get their leaves and flowers bloom galore, the sky shines brighter and sooner to welcome the day. People get out and about fixing up their gardens and making plans for summer vacation. Spring is a time of renewal to the earth and gives us warm, breezy days of summer to come. BBQs, trips, new friends and old acquantances. So much that it would take a book to even start to say the wonders of spring.

Bèsame* 03-09-2024 04:37 PM

so many things I'm looking forward to with my vacay coming up. One, which is on my mind today, the Eurostar. The train from London to Paris.

Bought tickets today.

This train travels almost 200mph and is in the underwater tunnel for about 20 min. The entire trip, one way is approx 2 hours and 15 min. Then another 45 to Disney Paris.


GeorgiaMa'am 03-10-2024 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by GeorgiaMa'am (Post 1296179)
A possible trip to Panama City Beach in April. . .

Alas, trip has been postponed until at least September. I'm just not going to be well enough to do that, yet. Still, will look forward to going this fall!

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