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okieblu 03-25-2014 06:15 PM

Yes, I know there is a barter thread, which seems to be dead as a doornail. I'm hoping this will get some actual notice and maybe a nibble or two of interest.

I'm hoping to find someone to work a trade with who sews. As in pro seamstress/tailoring stuff, or a costume maker who knows the difference between throw away one time and regular street wear.

I'm an artist. I do primarily jewelry these days, but I'm also a painter. If I can find somewhere to work with a nice big empty wall, I hope to start doing murals and banners again. On canvas, so they can be hung in a rental if that's what you have. When I do, I'll have pics or a link here. In the meantime, it's jewelry. And some cash.

I'm trying to get a few button down dress shirts with French cuffs made. No, not Tux shirts, just the nice ones like guys used to wear with a suit on Sunday morning, go-to-church kinda shirts. I have material, which I will send you if we make a deal. The other thing is a fully lined satin men's waist coat. ie 1800's vest. Think Wild Wild West.

I'll be over-joyed if I can get that. I'll see if I can manage to get the link to my fb business page on here. I's not really open yet, I'm still working on getting photos up with descriptions and prices. Anyways. Anyone interested just post here. Please let me know if there is a problem with the link. It's set on Public, so it should be okay.

Oh! If it turns out you are local to me, I could throw in light yard work, or cleaning, as part of the trade.


okieblu 03-27-2014 07:39 PM

Anybody out there? Helloooo... This wont let me post short of ten characters. This OUGHT to be long enough.

Beau Cozza 09-09-2017 12:06 AM

I sew and do fabric crafts
I know this thread is a few years old and it seems no one replied. I am a Butch who sews and hand embroiders. I prefer sewing as hand embroidering takes a long time. I do enjoy the stress relief and calm feeling I get while hand embroidering though.

It is nice to hear of another person who sews. I am still learning. Sometimes the learning curve with and without patterns to follow is WIDE. LOL. I have made some rather hilarious mistakes during this learning curve. My current major project is the outfit my fiancee and I will wear to my sister's wedding in a week. Then it will be on to our wedding outfits, for our wedding towards the end of October. :cool:;)

I am starting a Facebook group tonight for Butch/Femme sewers and fabric crafters.

Beau Cozza 09-09-2017 02:17 AM

Facebook group created
I can't find anywhere else to place this. I am still new and exploring the site. There is so much here. If this is the wrong place, can someone give me a link to the right place? Thank you

I created a new Facebook closed group for Butch and Femme women who like to sew and do all kinds of fabric crafts. As a butch woman I wanted a place for us to go without feeling awkward about asking questions or displaying our fabric crafts for ourselves and\or loved ones.


It is called Beau Sew for Butch & Femme Lesbians.

Thank you. This site is amazing. My girlfriend and I are enjoying reading through all the information and perspectives here.

FireSignFemme 09-14-2017 08:22 AM

You might try posting in the Penpals, Scrapbookers, Postcard Artists and Other Creative Types thread


Amulette 06-27-2019 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by okieblu (Post 901647)
The other thing is a fully lined satin men's waistcoat. ie 1800's vest. Think Wild Wild West.

Ooohhhh I know where you can get the pattern anyway, which is a big start. There is a great company called Folkwear Patterns.

"Started in California in the 1970s, Folkwear provides sewing patterns that are based on authentic vintage and folk garments from around the world. Our patterns are flexible enough to be used for costuming as well as for making unique every-day-wear."

I collect patterns and have sewn dresses from their patterns. They are great! I would recommend a seamstress near you so it can be fit to you, you will have to try it on during the process. Making a jacket and vest takes a lot of skill and may be a bit spendy but it will also be really special. I hope it comes together well for you!

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