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FireSignFemme 04-03-2017 01:31 AM

My son coming over tomorrow, well I guess today actually, to see if he can resurrect my bookmarks from the dead.

AmazonDC 04-03-2017 03:52 AM

5:30 am can't come fast enough... or 4 pm

Gemme 04-03-2017 04:41 AM

Sleeping in tomorrow.

Liam 04-03-2017 05:21 AM

Its my Friday, so I'm looking forward to 2:30 pm!

Gayandgray 04-03-2017 10:47 AM

Getting my health insurance back!

SmoothButch 04-03-2017 04:52 PM

I booked Lasik surgery at the end of April!

Soft*Silver 04-03-2017 06:11 PM

getting my new laptop!!! I finally broke down and ordered a new one!

and its violet! LOL. Just like my lil grand daughter (thats her name)

JDeere 04-03-2017 07:35 PM

A pain free day....

girl_dee 04-04-2017 03:16 AM

this journey! :rolleyes:

Gemme 04-04-2017 06:57 AM


girl_dee 04-07-2017 04:08 AM

An hour long psychic reading tomorrow morning!

AmazonDC 04-07-2017 04:51 AM

Texts that bring a smile to My face

Soft*Silver 04-07-2017 01:29 PM

I am so looking forward to going to Niagara Falls with the husband this summer. I am treating us to a weekend trip there. He is from California and has not seen much out this way...

Gemme 04-07-2017 05:29 PM

This summer. I think it's going to be a good one.

RockOn 04-07-2017 06:39 PM

1. Normal sleep ... it has averaged 1.5 hours each night for the past
week ...

2. Returning to work Monday ... left mid-afternoon Monday and have been at home the rest of the week
(the dogs are tired of me ... LOL!)

Chad 04-07-2017 06:41 PM

Looking forward
Resting this weekend.

easygoingfemme 04-07-2017 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Chad (Post 1137149)
Resting this weekend.


JDeere 04-07-2017 07:58 PM

Tomorrow, big crawfish boil!

Chad 04-07-2017 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by JDeere (Post 1137166)
Tomorrow, big crawfish boil!

Is that in Houston? Galveston?

JDeere 04-07-2017 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Chad (Post 1137167)
Is that in Houston? Galveston?

Houston at my besties house, its her 10th annual boil.

The Texas Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring is in a week or two!

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