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Bèsame* 04-16-2023 03:34 PM


19 days. Yahoo.


Soft*Silver 04-16-2023 10:27 PM

I’m still looking forward to the year of gardening! I put my peas and beets in yesterday. My dining room and my enclosed front porch are filled with shelving units, grow lights and seedlings. Today I sowed lime, green zinnias, black, beauty, zucchini, cat dip, chamomile, three types of basil, two types of watermelon, two types of cucumbers, two types of dill, toothache, plant, more snake gourds, and several others that I can’t remember right now. Over the weekend I had helpers come out and we installed the cattle panel arches. Next weekend I’m putting up 90 feet of trellises for the tomatoes to climb on. Oh God! I can’t wait to get my hands deeply in the soil!!!!

kittygrrl 04-19-2023 06:37 PM

fall leaves ...pumpkins, ..

Gayandgray 04-20-2023 11:19 PM

Having my Mom spend a week with us. Her Alzheimer’s is advancing and my sister wants a break, plus she wants me to spend time with her while she still knows who I am (most of the time).

Bèsame* 07-02-2023 10:30 AM

I just counted..
34 days to a big concert I'm going to.

74 days till I'm in Southern California. Visiting really dear friends.

325 till I'm in London. Got tickets to ChelseaF Flower Show. And staying in a bed and breakfast close to everything!

It's so fun looking up things to see and do.

I do need to update my passport.

GeorgiaMa'am 07-02-2023 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Bèsame* (Post 1293538)

I do need to update my passport.

You really do, right away. I heard on NPR that it's taking people 10 months to get their passport renewals back. And with only 325 days to go . . .

GeorgiaMa'am 07-02-2023 10:11 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing the orthopedic surgeon. I have high hopes that shots in my knees will make a big improvement with my walking and pain.

I'm looking forward to seeing the physical therapist. I hope he can get this crick out of my neck that I've had for two months.

I'm also looking forward to going to see Wicked! in two weeks. I've never seen it before and I can't wait!

GeorgiaMa'am 07-06-2023 01:47 AM

I'm looking forward to seeing my sister, niece and her baby boy Charlie tomorrow. Charlie is a real cutie, 14 months old and generally good natured. They are coming to my house because they need to make a trip to Atlanta, so they will be nearby.

Bèsame* 07-09-2023 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by GeorgiaMa'am (Post 1293541)
You really do, right away. I heard on NPR that it's taking people 10 months to get their passport renewals back. And with only 325 days to go . . .

Thank you, best advice. I found out it will take some time. We cant book our flight until I get it.

We are discussing catching the Eurostar, the channel train to Paris. I so want to see the Eiffel Tower up close. And, as an added bonus, I'll be seeing the prep to the 2024 Summer Olympics!!

Can this trip get any better!!!

Ooooo la la

Bèsame* 10-20-2023 03:10 PM

A new adventure was planned last night. My bestie and I are going to get in the Christmas spirit early, like first week of Dec. The famous hat maker, Stetson, has a mansion on the other side of the Florida coast. We are going to tour the home while its decorated. It's going to be a two day adventure. First day we are stopping in a quaint Victorian/Country town and stay in a famous Bed and Breakfast. I'm excited, I've never done a bed and breakfast before. This town will be dripping with holiday decorations as well. About 40+ days to go!
I was telling my bestie..we can get out all our holiday tops, jewelry and handbags! Oh yay!!

Bèsame* 11-12-2023 06:49 PM

Another Christmas Extravaganza! We are planning a Polar Express party. Christmas pajamas to be the dress code. Adult hot chocolate, decorating cookies and a fun gift exchange.

We are no/never idle. Life isnt passing us by!

cinnamongrrl 11-16-2023 06:12 AM

An interview for a cardiology position…..

And a trip to Asheville in March with a dear friend (possibly two!)

GeorgiaMa'am 11-23-2023 02:00 AM

Thanksgiving leftovers from the boy's brother and his wife.

GeorgiaMa'am 11-23-2023 02:14 AM

The entire extended fam getting together Christmas weekend! And possibly taking the boy!

Bèsame* 01-05-2024 06:48 PM

Sunday football! Last games of the seasons.

Booking my London/Paris trip. Now that the holidays have passed and I am the lucky holder of a current passport. Yay!

I need a suit case, lol

Oh yeah, a trip to Disney Animal Kingdom, with my boss. I should refer to her as my new bestie that's eye candy..lol

kittygrrl 01-06-2024 11:53 AM

my cozy hearth & my blankey...it's too snowy to go out

Bèsame* 02-15-2024 07:57 PM

Looking forward to two bonuses next month!! Yay!!!

Kätzchen 02-16-2024 06:39 PM

I’m looking forward to spending time with my honey going to baseball games and boating on the river this summer. :bow:

Stone-Butch 02-16-2024 09:38 PM

Looking Forward To
My neighbours are off for a holiday next week and her sister is coming to sit their apt and will be bringing her sweet dog who I met already. What a honey of a dog, can't wait to have some fun with her. (the dog).

GeorgiaMa'am 02-17-2024 06:00 PM

A possible trip to Panama City Beach in April. Staying at my favorite mom and pop motel right on the beach. Going to rent a one-person go cart for riding around on the beach. We will grill out steaks on the deck of our motel at least one night. Eat at the New Orleans restaurant another night. And the other nights - seafood, seafood, seafood! We'll also rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach - our motel has two guys with a beach rentals hut, and they always take good care of us - moving the umbrellas when we want, keeping stray frat kids away from us and out of our chairs when we're elsewhere. If only there was a tiki bar . . . but we'll take along our trusty cooler.

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