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justkim 02-10-2020 01:25 PM

Making turkey meatballs to take for lunch for the ladies ie. friends/family for our lunches. Going to serve them over zoodles and covered in mozzarella cheese.

Stone-Butch 02-10-2020 02:16 PM

Wild rainbow trout and I didn't even have to go fishing. Broccoli. Ice tea.

JDeere 02-10-2020 04:00 PM

Burgers and chips

RebelDyke 02-10-2020 06:55 PM

tonight it is.... sushi and egg rolls..:sunglass:

PlatinumPearl 02-10-2020 07:52 PM

Avocado toast with a huge salad which consisted of mixed greens, spinach, cucumber, carrots, red and yellow pepper, green peas, pear, sunflower seeds and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

GeorgiaMa'am 02-10-2020 08:02 PM

- chicken noodle soup
- applesauce
- oatmeal cookie

nycfem 02-10-2020 08:55 PM

I had popcorn- I think it's called Brooklyn popcorn or something like that. Someone must make it in Brooklyn an drop it off at the health food store. It's not that great but pretty good. Ya know... popcorn, always fabulous in my book.

I also fell for this cup of soup that's powder and you microwave... It was called "pad thai" soup, and I thought "oh, wow, it will taste like pad thai! What a sucker I am. I also didn't follow the directions because after you microwave it you are supposed to cover it with foil for five minutes. So my noodles came out funny. Story of my life.

Orema 02-11-2020 09:54 AM

Last night was white beans with chopped cilantro and tonight will probably be the same.

GeorgiaMa'am 02-11-2020 06:46 PM

- lasagna
- green salad with balsamic dressing
- garlic toast

nycfem 02-11-2020 07:29 PM

celery and veggie chicken salad from the health food store

Amy's lasagna

vegan vanilla Rawmantic bar

Dinner was quite good!

FireSignFemme 02-11-2020 07:31 PM

Just before midnight on account of a very late lunch - Costco almond poppyseed muffin, but just half. I froze the other half for lead me not into tempation so easily persuasion.

Gemme 02-11-2020 08:18 PM

I had a quick Caprese salad, water and junk (Conversation Hearts and ice cream).

kittygrrl 02-11-2020 09:47 PM

Scallop Scampi w Alfredo
Crusty Bread
Green Salad w Balsamic Dressing

w my best friend for dinner

Kätzchen 02-11-2020 11:50 PM

I made a small salad tonight: a bed of romaine lettuce; then pan seared some of my meatless 'meat balls' with one small jalapeno pepper and put it on top of the bed of romaine, then smothered it (kind of) in my vegan non-dairy Caesar salad dressing. It was delish. Nice and spicy and it hit the spot.

I drank some water and will most likely have a couple cups of hot herbal tea (hibiscus and orange with cinnamon, sweetened with Truvia).

GeorgiaMa'am 02-12-2020 07:30 PM

- a Cuban sandwich
- some Chex Mix
- applesauce

Gemme 02-12-2020 08:47 PM

I had chips and pico de gallo, turkey sausage, brown basmati rice, sauteed veggies and a ton of water. Root beer barrels for dessert.

nycfem 02-12-2020 09:30 PM

Black bean soup w/cilantro and sour cream

vegetarian "egg" salad with pickles


RebelDyke 02-13-2020 12:12 AM

It is rare for me to have time to cook with an extremely busy schedule. So, tonight it was wonderful to come home and actually feel like cooking. I made it simple for sure

Fresh salad
spaghetti with a meat sauce
homemade garlic bread (family recipe)
and a glass of red wine (even more rare than me cooking these days) :candle:

after dinner, it was relax time with an amaretto sour

i'll do the dishes...tomorrow

GeorgiaMa'am 02-13-2020 06:08 PM

- chicken noodle soup
- applesauce
- oatmeal raisin cookie

Stone-Butch 02-13-2020 06:59 PM

NY strip loin and steamed green beans. Ice tea.

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