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FireSignFemme 07-04-2018 07:32 PM

Left over spaghetti with meat sauce
Side salad with cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado and ranch dressing
Water, milk and and ice tea to drink
Blueberries and sugared strawberry slices mixed together for dessert

Wrang1er 07-04-2018 07:34 PM

I grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and cheesy metts. Mom made potato salad, pasta salad, and cucumbers (in vinegar, water, and sugar). We did a sundae bar for dessert.

JDeere 07-04-2018 08:54 PM

For myself since mom was with dad, i had a medium rare ny strip steak, rice and steamed asparagus. Ice tea to drink.

susieaxxe 07-05-2018 04:36 AM

I'm not to sure yet but im thinking maybe pizza

Gemme 07-05-2018 05:43 AM

Last night, I had apples with peanut butter, fresh pineapple and a handful of Bacon and Cheddar Cheez-Its.

Happyfemme 07-05-2018 04:27 PM

Chicken cutlet and salad

Gemme 07-05-2018 06:33 PM

I had a bad salad.

You can't win every time.

Chad 07-05-2018 06:58 PM

I had homemade loaded nachos. Peppermint ice tea to drink.


FireSignFemme 07-05-2018 09:20 PM

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie, ice tea, Great Value Fruit Smiles gummy candy for dessert.

CherryWine 07-05-2018 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by Gemme (Post 1217728)
I had a bad salad.

You can't win every time.

Gemme, you crack me up.

I had leftover goulash (the yankee kind, not the Hungarian kind) with a side salad and garlic bread.

Gemme 07-06-2018 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by CherryWine (Post 1217782)
Gemme, you crack me up.

I had leftover goulash (the yankee kind, not the Hungarian kind) with a side salad and garlic bread.

Thanks! It really was truly awful. Thankfully, the salad I had at lunch today was quite delicious.

I had to look up Yankee goulash and I had a realization. My mom's goulash is Yankee goulash. My Yankee mother fed her Southern child Yankee goulash.

And I liked it.


Reach *BANNED* 07-06-2018 02:54 PM

It is going to be...
Homemade tacos (salsa verde and guac will be homemade too)

Wrang1er 07-06-2018 03:19 PM

Three of my nephews are here. I made lemon garlic roasted chicken, some chicken lightly seasoned with Greek seasoning, and rice. There were also pizza rolls. Waylon might turn into a pizza roll at anytime.

Chad 07-06-2018 05:47 PM

I am having pepperoni pizza with olives, onions, jalapenos, and extra cheese. Mike's Hard Lemonade to drink.


cricket26 07-06-2018 06:05 PM

crockpot bbq pork ribs and potato salad, and chocolate blue bell ice cream

RockOn 07-06-2018 07:09 PM

Eating BBQ lean pork left over from 4th of July. It gets better each day! Potato salad, slaw baked beans and 2 large milks.

Perfectly satisfied! :)

kittygrrl 07-06-2018 07:23 PM

Pasta with Chicken Parmigiana
Green Salad w/Ranch Dressing
Dessert: Chocolate Malt Cupcakes w/a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

GeorgiaMa'am 07-06-2018 07:34 PM

- Grilled ribeye steak, medium rare
- baked potato, butter and sour cream
- Wine from two different mini boxes*

*I am currently trying out boxed wines to find the perfect one to take to the beach on vacation (no glass bottles allowed on beach). FYI, one (Bota Box Red-something) was gross. The other (Black Box Rose) was barely acceptable as a beach wine.

Kätzchen 07-06-2018 07:48 PM

Pad Thai noodles, with veggie and Cashew nuts stir fry, dressed with my own homemade Korean BBQ sauce (sugar free). Simply delish.

Happyfemme 07-06-2018 08:52 PM

Soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles on a cone. Haha it was too hot for anything else.

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