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homoe 05-29-2020 05:44 PM



Stone-Butch 05-29-2020 06:19 PM

Hoping, waiting

Starfish 05-29-2020 06:36 PM


Baby_Yoda 05-29-2020 09:48 PM

Try me.......

Orema 09-04-2020 12:01 PM

Evil Knievil

VintageFemme 09-04-2020 01:36 PM

s a s s y . . .

GeorgiaMa'am 09-04-2020 04:39 PM

crabbily anxious

Build A Bridge 09-04-2020 08:42 PM

weekend ready :praying:

GeorgiaMa'am 09-08-2020 05:37 PM

vaguely hopeful

Kätzchen 09-08-2020 08:41 PM


Last night we had horrific winds and it knocked the power out and trees fell.

Today, we have multiple fires raging out of control. Low visibility. Air is dense with smoke from local fires. The wind is still raging and it's carrying fire embers to other places and causing more fires.

And... more hot weather is on the way. Hopefully by Monday of next week, we will get much needed rain.

*fingers crossed*

Bèsame* 09-08-2020 09:05 PM

massage needed

kittygrrl 09-09-2020 02:45 PM

two words?!?..not possible..running always makes me feel every cell in my body in a pleasant explosion...in other words.................. Amazing :)

GeorgiaMa'am 09-09-2020 04:04 PM

more hopeful

VintageFemme 09-09-2020 04:25 PM

Pumpkin Spice

Orema 12-30-2020 05:58 AM

A new year is coming
Ready Freddy

akiza 12-30-2020 10:12 AM

Straight down

GeorgiaMa'am 12-31-2020 02:05 AM

Forging ahead!

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