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Stone-Butch 08-14-2023 09:55 PM

Dinner Tonight
As usual I had a large filet of Atlantic salmon with boiled potatoes and steamed broccoli. Butter for both. Coffee

Stone-Butch 08-15-2023 01:59 PM

Mussles steamed in cooking wine and fried shrimp with seafood dipping sauce. Side of long grain and wild rice with butter.

kvedd 08-15-2023 04:44 PM

Tacos 🌮 🤤 I swear I could live off of tacos and mashed potatoes 😆.

clay 08-15-2023 07:49 PM

My smoked ribs, corn on cob, zero sugar baked beans.....the ribs were SOOOOOOO good!

firegal 08-15-2023 08:17 PM

Yummy clay!

GeorgiaMa'am 08-16-2023 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by firegal (Post 1293979)
Yummy clay!

That took me aback, for a good solid 20 seconds.

* * *

- Gochujang pork
- Kim chee fried rice
- Grapes

Stone-Butch 08-16-2023 08:30 PM

NY striploin with steamed asparagus. Ice tea.

Ktzchen 08-18-2023 08:44 AM

Italian: we have reservations for dinner at a very swanky Italian restaurant.

Lasagna, garden salad and Tiramisu. And of course, :wine::blueheels::wine:

kittygrrl 08-18-2023 01:48 PM

greek salad
sliced avocado w
pita chips

Bsame* 08-18-2023 05:37 PM

I made pho with chicken and eggplant. Mom turned her nose up over the eggplant. And I was able to spice it up!!
She got chicken smothered in BBQ sauce topped with green onions and French's friend onions. White jasmine rice. She was happy!

Dinner can be hit or miss with her. Lol

AlexF 08-18-2023 07:33 PM

Tabbouleh, hummus and pita chips

GeorgiaMa'am 08-18-2023 10:37 PM

Chicken pot pie with green peas
Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream

Orema 08-19-2023 06:40 AM

Grilled pork chop, collards, small salad, dark chocolate keto clusters for dessert.

GeorgiaMa'am 08-23-2023 09:45 PM

Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper with green peas. I know, I know, but it's a childhood comfort food thing. I have it about once a year. And, it was comforting, exactly as expected.

Stone-Butch 08-23-2023 11:24 PM

Cod nuggets and tater tots in the oven. Ice lemon tea.

kittygrrl 08-24-2023 05:17 PM

i've no idea......any suggestions?

GeorgiaMa'am 08-24-2023 07:57 PM

- BBQ wings
- mashed potatoes
- muscadines

Bsame* 08-26-2023 07:17 AM

I came home yesterday and saw my Mom's grocery list on the refrigerator. She wants lamp chops. Ummm, not for me. So I'm investigating restaurants to fulfill her request. I'll order a rib eye!

GeorgiaMa'am 08-26-2023 08:26 PM

- Chicken in mushroom sauce
- mac and cheese
- jello salad

kittygrrl 08-27-2023 01:39 PM

vegan pho...it's yummy

GeorgiaMa'am 08-27-2023 09:08 PM

- chicken parmigiana with spaghetti
- white grapes

Stone-Butch 08-30-2023 04:01 PM

Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce. Toasted bun with lots of melted cheese. Ice tea with lots of lemon.

PlatinumPearl 08-31-2023 03:45 PM

Mushrooms with onions and garlic, and bok choy with jasmine rice.
Spicy navy beans.
Cucumbers with a bit of pickle juice and lots of dill.

I like eating fruit with my meal especially when I am eating something spicy.

GeorgiaMa'am 08-31-2023 06:07 PM

- Beef noodles
- Egg roll

Orema 09-02-2023 03:38 AM

One-Pot Broccoli Mac and Cheese
Think Ill try this tonight. I have Broccoli, sharp white cheddar, gluten-free pasta. It may not work with the gluten-free pasta, but its worth trying.

Stone-Butch 09-02-2023 08:25 PM

The kids came with the little one and brought Chinese Food. First for me in a long time, delicious. Ice tea with lemon.

GeorgiaMa'am 09-02-2023 11:28 PM

- Cream of tomato soup
- Parmesan cheese biscuits
- White grapes

Gemme 09-24-2023 08:27 PM

I had an avocado ranch salad and flavored water. Buttered and jellied sourdough toast too. Simple, but effective.

Stone-Butch 09-24-2023 08:43 PM

Dinner tonight
Two beautiful thick cod loins and a side of asparagus. Ice tea with lots of lemon. Super tasty.

GeorgiaMa'am 09-25-2023 06:55 PM

- Smoked sausage in a bun with cheese
- Cream of tomato soup
- Grapes

Ktzchen 09-25-2023 07:01 PM

Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats. Hot herbal tea with Honey.

Hot Cocoa with Pumpkin Spice Creamer & chocolate kisses for dessert.

Stone-Butch 09-25-2023 11:02 PM

Dinner tonight
Small tbone steak med. rare with a side of steamed green beans.

Bsame* 09-26-2023 06:24 PM

Tuesday Taquitos ( rolled tacos, right?) I made fresh guacamole and a small green salad.

Then Mom says..what's for dessert?
She had choc chip cookie and I'm eating some sweet grapes.
Club soda with lots of ice.

Stone-Butch 09-27-2023 06:39 PM

Dinner Tonight
Fresh trout my brother brought back from his trip and some fresh garden green beans from the kids. Wonderful dinner. Ice tea.

Ktzchen 09-28-2023 10:35 AM

An oven roast of vegetables (potato carrot parsnip garlic cloves and meat).

Dessert: Im making Apple Crisp Rice Pudding (a delicious mixture of heavenly apples, rice and cinnamon & cardamom).

Stone-Butch 09-28-2023 08:23 PM

Dinner tonight
Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and chopped brocolli. Tater tots. Ice tea.

GeorgiaMa'am 09-28-2023 09:15 PM

- NY strip
- baked potato with butter
- green beans
- white seedless grapes

Bsame* 10-09-2023 03:48 PM

Chili Relleno Soup
Mmmm..cheese and poblano peppers

GeorgiaMa'am 10-10-2023 02:17 AM

chicken and dumplings

Stone-Butch 10-13-2023 11:12 PM

Fresh caught side of trout, steamed brussel sprouts with butter, side of pickled beets. Ice tea with lots of lemon. Yum yum.

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