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GeorgiaMa'am 05-14-2019 05:13 PM

- Dogfish Head 90 minute Imperial IPA (beer)
- a few Cheetos

GeorgiaMa'am 05-15-2019 06:36 PM

Breakfast for dinner!
- scrambled eggs with cheese
- ham
- toast

kittygrrl 05-15-2019 06:57 PM

nevermind dinner, i want cake:|

RockOn 05-15-2019 07:02 PM

nuked Bagel Bites - couldn't eat but six of the nine, I cannot imagine being this stuffed on six

2 large glasses almond milk

I am developing a sincere liking to this almond milk. It is pretty tastey! :) I will go on and get 5 or 6 half gallons when I buy groceries.

Thanks Gemme for your suggestion about the oatmeal. I can deal with it and probably learn to love it. It takes time. But I will always have to keep a gallon of normal milk on hand when almond milk won't do for certain things. Heck, I cannot go completely cold turkey!

Kätzchen 05-15-2019 09:53 PM

I had a small bowl of organic strawberries, and a slice of cantaloupe cubed, and half a cup of oatmeal with a sprinkling of cinnamon, on it.

Water, to drink.

Gemme 05-15-2019 10:04 PM

Fresh fruit plus Korean beef tips with rice and sautéed veggies. Water to drink and ice cream for dessert, which I regret. Damn you, black cherry!

kittygrrl 05-25-2019 04:49 PM

Pear Pecan & Gorgonzola Salad
Sourdough Roll
White Wine

GeorgiaMa'am 05-25-2019 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by kittygrrl (Post 1246703)
Pear Pecan & Gorgonzola Salad
Sourdough Roll
White Wine

I'm jealous.

I had a roast beef sandwich.

FireSignFemme 05-25-2019 08:41 PM

Half an avocado with a dash of seasonings – onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper, a touch of lime and a little salsa. An eighth of a slice of gluten-free pizza, two Velveeta Cheese slices. La Croix tangerine flavored sparkling water. Saving dessert for latter/an evening snack

RockOn 05-26-2019 05:20 PM

just finished eating for the first time today ... I was working outside today and it was too hot to eat ... course I had the gatorade going on all day

- a bowl of NISSIN Top Ramen Chicken Noodle soup
- cup of soy milk
my stomach is satisfied :)

Kevin, Jennifer and Jeffrey just "thought" they wanted to go out and be with me ... it would take less than 10 minutes for the group to realize their error ... I would look at them and everyone was standing close to backdoor on the patio staring upward at the doorknob ...LOL! ... they always crack me up about something

Gemme 05-26-2019 08:46 PM

I had chicken and broccoli penne with water and a Talenti gelato parfait.

GeorgiaMa'am 05-26-2019 09:55 PM

- baked pork chops
- creamed potatoes
- zipper peas
- applesauce

nycfem 05-27-2019 05:52 PM

I had Greek yogurt with kidney beans. I also added carrots after cooking them in soy sauce and curry paste. And I added cumin. It all has a "gyro" taste to it, and I enjoy it. Yes, I know it falls in the category of "weird." :)

Then I had Ezequiel toast with PB and J. Everything was delicious!

candy_coated_bitch 05-27-2019 05:54 PM

I'm not sure yet!!!

RockOn 05-27-2019 08:26 PM

I got too hot today and nothing sounds good so I will probably have a glass of unsweetened almond milk. I will make up for the skipped meal in the morning when SUBWAY up the street from works opens at 9:00 a.m. ... foot long veggie here I come!

Bèsame* 05-27-2019 08:29 PM

Baked salmon with Whiskey Glaze ( sauce from Cheddars)
Stir fry veggies with fresh pineapple and ginger
Jasmine rice.

I'm sure ice cream will be later :)

GeorgiaMa'am 05-27-2019 09:26 PM

- a bowl of zipper peas with pepper sauce
- a blueberry muffin
- applesauce

FireSignFemme 05-27-2019 10:08 PM

Dinner salad - iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and Thousand Island dressing. Cup of cottage cheese. Mini hambuerger patty, no carbs but I didn't realize just how many calories there are in a quarter pound, half pound hamburger patty! Now that I know, keeping it light. Small scoop of avacado. No dessert. Tangerine flavored La Croix sparkling water.

Kätzchen 05-28-2019 06:53 AM

I had a homemade summer type salad, made from Basmati rice (seasoned with a titch of cloves); then added fresh sliced pears, cantaloupe, and strawberries on top.

Stuffed celery sticks with organic peanut butter (freshly ground).

Water, to drink.

GeorgiaMa'am 05-28-2019 07:41 PM

- half a roast beef sandwich
- blueberry muffin
- applesauce

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