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Originally Posted by Chad View Post
Hi friend,

Thank you for the tip on seeds. I love gardening, my parents and grandparents were avid gardeners. I grow food, herbs, and flowers.

Thank you,
You're welcome Chad.... But, after reading soft*silver's post on seed dormancy, I am now reminded about something: I keep my jars of seeds outside on the patio. We get four distinct seasons here (albeit each season comes with rain), so I'm guessing the seeds wintered properly on the patio. But you live in Texas, so maybe that's why you freeze your seeds (???).

Originally Posted by MsTinkerbelly View Post
My mother and sister were/are avid gardeners, and my sister married someone with magical gardening skills. I however have a major black thumb, and struggle to remember to water the trees and small number of plants we have.

My sister and her husband moved to Idaho this past January, and since there is such a small growing season, they started most of their plants in the house and are waiting for the thaw to plant. They have a large bank of floor to ceiling windows that are acting like a green house, and the pictures show that they are going to have a great bounty eventually.

The biggest problem for the garden will be the dear living on the property, as they live in the Forest on a mountain, but my b-in-law thinks he can build a fence that will keep them out. We will see..........
My sister lives in northern Idaho. It's very beautiful in her part of the panhandle ....(LoLo pass, area). Elk, deer, bobcats, cougars, bear, and moose, are sometimes spotted on her mountain. My sister's husband died suddenly two Christmases ago, but her husband's hobby was fly-fishing. He taught her how to she catches salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout during late springs runs until late summer, early fall. It sounds like your sister and her husband will enjoy living in northern Idaho.

Originally Posted by Soft*Silver View Post
I make THE best chocolate toffee nut cookies in the world! And apple pie? Yes yes! Cherry pie, blackberry pie, strawberry name it. I am just getting into baking breads now. By hand, no machine.

I am not really a cake baker..tho I can and do make cakes. I just dont favor doing them. Not like I do cookies and pies!

I have won over many with my baking is a joy for me!
That's so sweet!

Originally Posted by Soft*Silver View Post
good luck on that..the fence line needs to be at least 9 foot high and even then if hungry, they will attempt to leap it. The best thing to do is to buy some mountain cat urine and keep it placed around the parameters of the garden. They stay away from their predators. The other thing they can do is to plant a hedge of boxwood around the fence line. They do not eat boxwood and its scent is strong to them and thus, they might not bother whats inside.

I too live in a short season area..range 5. NE Ohio. I cannot start anything inside because we have 4 cats and they tear up my starts. We are considering putting grow lights in a room in the basement, for a seed starting area. It would keep the cats away. Maybe next year once I get this garden started.

I freeze my seeds over from one year to the next. Most seeds that actually need a cold dormancy should be frozen for a few months, if not over the actual winter period.

I had a pup that use to climb into my raised beds and pull up all my plants. Lord he was a terror! LOL. He was so happy with himself for "helping" I couldnt hold it against him! He has passed on (long story short, a neighbor shot him. The neighbor is now in jail) but I will never forget him wagging his tail, smiling at me with my huge sage plant in his mouth!LOL
I can tell you've got some awesome pointers on how to manage deer. Thanks for your helpful ideas!

I might add that deer love to eat roses. It's their "chocolate." They tend to do that often in late fall as they forage for food.

That's just awful what happened to your dog. My sincere condolences.

And .....Good Morning to all. Have a joyful day!
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