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a very interesting day yesterday... so filled with stuff that I may need to sleep all day today to recover... and so many things CRACKED me up that I can't list them all right now... you'd get bored reading them all!

Mom drove me down to my sister's new Condo in Maryland for the first time... as she'd go around corners, she'd holler "HANG ON GIZZY!" (mom's dog in the back seat) Poor Gizzy would have to hang on for dear life and her long ears would go flopping around, one time she got tossed out of her little basket and I had to grab the "Oh Shit" bar!

I thought we were only going down for an Easter Lunch and to drop off a few things.... At lunch my sister very firmly said "Oh, after we go to Lowe's and get back to the condo, I'm going to PUT YOU TO WORK!" (she knows how to push my buttons...cuz she knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE home-improvement projects!)

She picked out the paint... "Apple Cider"... that she swears is a light tan with "a little spice"... When I started to "cut in" around the baseboards and door, the color CRACKED ME UP! I said "Annie, this is PEACH!" Of course she argued with me... "Annie, I swear this is PEACH!! Are you sure you want me to go on?"... she insisted it was okay and "when we get the whole wall done, it will look okay... it's just because it's next to the old gray stuff that makes it look that way." "BUT ANNIE, IT'S PEACH!!! then I mumble to myself... "good thing your nickname in school was Peachy!"

Mom and Annie were squabbling the WHOLE time... nit-picking and fussing... but this is SO NORMAL for them. They were like two cats fighting over tuna!! So I get out my MP3 and headset..crank it up...and get blissfully busy painting... about an hour into my fun with the PEACHY walls, when I was up the ladder (which is WAY better than being "up the creek..."), Momma tugged on the cuff to my jeans. I nearly jumped outa my skin cuz I was so blissfully involved... I take my headset off, and she says "we were YELLING at you to come help Annie hang the chandelier"... I chuckled and responded "I'm sorry Momma, I had you and Annie on IGNORE!"

On the way home, while hanging onto Gizzy and my OH SHIT bar through Baltimore highways, I get into a very intriguing, electrifying, LIGHT HEARTED, FUN text convo with a friend who LOVES to CRACK me up and go "toe to toe" with me joking around. I must admit, they gave me a running for my money yesterday! I think we have a silent running bet on which one can stumble up the other first? ... Momma kept askin "what are you two talking about, you're burning up that phone!" ... I promptly told her, while BLUSHING and grinning, "Momma, you remember the joke about my homemade Stuffed French Toast?..... "It's better than SEX!" ...the rest of the way home, she didn't ask again But the whole time, I was thinkin' "GOD I hope she didn't see that!"...and I kept picturing blueberries and stuffed french toast!! Just as we get near home, we killed the phone battery!! My message to that friend... THANKS for keeping me sane and BUSY on the way home!! Because of you, I survived Momma's driving!! (and learned how to hold a Dime again!! )

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