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Originally Posted by atomiczombie View Post
I was talking to someone in the chat room the other night and I made the remark that I can't afford date anyone right now. The femme I was talking to asked me why I feel that it takes money, and for me it comes down to how I treat a femme on a date.

For *ME*, it takes money to date a femme properly. No, I would never take a femme to McDonald's for a date. I may not take her to the fanciest place for dinner, but it should be nice. 60$ is not an unreasonable amount to spend on a nice meal with a girl. Then there is all the grooming. A fresh haircut every 2 weeks; getting a car wash before each date because who wants to be picked up in a dirty car??; Having freshly cleaned and pressed clothes that are dress-casual to dressy. (Jeans are fine if you have a dress shirt and tie to go with them.) And, bring her a small gift with each date, usually flowers, but it could be something else that she likes, such as candy or something else. Buy her drinks if you are at a bar.

Things that don't cost money but are essential to me are: Be freshly showered before each date! Open every door for her; pull out her chair for her; allow her to order her food first; ask her first if you want to hold her hand or kiss her (that's just good manners). If you like how she looks or her smile or how she smells or the things that she says, or wears, then tell her. Let her talk about herself, and don't dominate the conversation with things about you. Don't use a lot of swear words. Don't talk about your exes!! Don't be in a rush to get into bed; try to get to know her, who she is and what she is like. Listen to her. Ask her what kind of things she enjoys doing, what kind of food she likes, etc. so if she agrees to another date, you can plan your next date around things she enjoys. Don't do the same thing every single date - try to plan a variety of activities. Thank her for spending time with you, and if you really like her and want to see her again, don't wait more than 2 days to call her. Don't call her the very next day, either. Give room, but not too much room. Don't blow up her phone with text messages either, but saying you had a good time is important.

The person I was discussing this with said she had never been treated this way on a date, and I was kind of surprised. She told me I should start a thread about dating, so here it is:

Femmes, how do you like to be treated on a date? I think all of us people on the masculine spectrum should know what you ladies would like and what you think is important. I know not all femmes are the same and like the exact same things, so having as much feed back as possible is really appreciated! Also, some feed back about what NOT to do would be helpful too! Stories about both good dates and bad ones are welcome! I personally would really like to know how to be a better date so that someday, if I ever can afford to date again, I can do it better. Thanks in advance!
so basically all the things you said are spot on what I would expect as far as taking the time with you appearance, having a clean car and just overall showing that level of respect to your date. I know that a lot of girls do like to be spoiled and I am guilty as charged..however romantic gestures and putting a lot of thought into something will get you far even if you aren't spending a lot of money. maybe a quick drink followed by some romantic sight seeing or exploring a beautiful place in nature
i've always been the most impressed when a date remembers something i said or an interest of mine and then plans our time together around that. just the fact that you care that much to please me is a turn on. nothing is more attractive than a women with a plan not just a "what do you wanna do", uhhh idk"
, especially in the very early stages this really impresses me. say she loves horror films ? maybe visit a pumpkin patch and pick one to carve followed by netflix binging on scary movies after . complete with popcorn and of course cuddling. femmes loves that shit lol
remember even though the gold star femmes are out there many of he girls ur dating have been with men before aka extremely thoughtless for he most past when it comes to this stuff so you have a lot to work with and it usually doesn't take much more than thoughtfulness to really wow them and have them how romantic and considerate you are.
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