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Here's the photo I think you're seeking and it would have stayed wth me, too.

(Kiyoko Shima, pictured with daughters Linda Shima-Tsuno (left) and Sallie Smith, drew attention during the Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. (Photos courtesy of Randall Tsuno))

Here's the link to the photo in case you want to email the link to anyone not on the planet:

And this is the website where I found the photo and story of Ms. Shima.

Thanks for telling us about it.

Originally Posted by CherylNYC View Post
I've marched on Washington many times, but I never felt what I felt on Saturday. It was glorious. I resonate with the above posts about finally feeling hope again for the first time since the election. There were so many young women at the March. I got chills, and not because I was cold. It was actually warm enough for me to be outside for the whole day. Whew!

I don't have the skills to share a photo, but my sign said:



Besides my motorcycle club colors, I wore a rainbow feather boa, and I gave out rainbow leis to my Siren sisters, all also wearing our bad-ass motorcycle club patch. We weren't wearing pussy hats, but we did look fabulously gay. One of our signs said, 'Bykers Against Trump'. Several marchers told us how happy they were to see us because news media had been featuring a group which called itself Bikers For Trump, which had been pugnaciously declaring their intent to protect that idjit from whoever it is they think might threaten him. I was proud to be marching with a racially diverse group of women, and relieved that the leadership and message of the DC March was inclusive enough to draw a very diverse crowd.

The gorgeous variety and creativity of the sea of pussy hats in DC was impressive, but the most remarkable pussy hat moment was when I came upon a street vendor who was actually selling pink polar fleece knock-offs. I nearly hurt myself laughing to see that giant dude calling out to the assembled marchers, "PUSSY hats. Get your PUSSY HATS here".

I've been inspired to see the photos of worldwide marches and demonstrations. I loved the photo of the women in Antarctica, but one of my absolute favorites was of an elderly Japanese woman in a wheelchair whose sign said she had been interred for her race, and that we would never go back. Can someone with more advanced skills share that here if you come across it? Please and thank you.
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