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Default What Cracked You Up Today?

Ok, I looked and couldnt find this thread so if it exists already I apologize.

I just cracked up because Jack accidentally pushed the wrong #s on the tv remote and it asked her if she wanted to pay per view a show called "Filthy Suck Sluts 2".

She yelled at me "BAAAAABBBEEEE, you need to get this porno shit OFF OF MY FUCKING TV"

so she proceeds to flail her arms and push multiple buttons and another show pops up. This time its "Big Horny Wet Asses 7"

She yelled again, "BAAABBBEEEEEEE, there's some WET ASSES and shit on the tv and I WANT IT OFF OF THERE" and by this time, I was laughing so hard that I could barely see the tv anyway.

So she whips her head around at me while I was bent over laughing behind her and she says, "BAAABBBEEEEEE, isnt there a way to block this shit? I dont want the family coming over here at Christmas and being embarrassed by Filthy Fisting Whores or Slutty Gooch Suckers...I mean, THIS SHIT IS NOT IN THE FUCKING HOLIDAY SPIRIT"

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