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Jane Bond
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Default Clinton & Benghazi

By now, unless people have been comatose, it's been proven that Hillary Clinton has been exonerated from any accusations of wrongdoing regarding the embassy attack in Benghazi.
The true crime in this instance has been the eight investigations Republicans have demanded, costing us taxpayers millions of dollars. You'd think after the second investigation found her non culpable, the GOP wouldn't make fools of themselves by demanding a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth investigation. Insanity is doing the same thing...you know the rest.
The idea they conducted eight investigations proves that they get by with this kind of ridiculous, time wasting behavior because we the people have been their chief enablers.
When Clinton agreed to be Obama's Secretary of State, she faced an already chaotic Middle East, further torn apart by Dick and Bush, then passively abused by the negligent, unqualified Condoleezza Rice. The only thing she had in common with the Middle East was that she served on the board of Standard Oil, and they named an oil tanker after her (they changed the name when she joined the Bush administration).
After the historically atrocious diplomatic failures of Rice and the Bush administration, including the illegal Iraq war and subsequent execution of Saddam Hussein, Hillary was headed into the most dangerous posts the U.S. has ever seen. They were hot spots before Bush and Dick, but after their warmongering and bloodthirsty rampages, the Middle East was almost a suicide mission for American diplomats.
Yet in she went, and unlike Condi Rice, she used diplomacy instead of threats, and sanctions instead of bombs and boots on the ground. She returned after a four year mission with a successful record--marred only by the embassy attack in Benghazi. Many heads of state in the Middle East have lauded her performance to the president.
Rightwingers who didn't even know Benghazi was a city in Libya, began to hysterically brand Clinton as an incompetent, negligent hack who casually allowed four people to be killed. They didn't stop to check that the GOP led Congress voted to slash the budget for worldwide embassy security years earlier.
Most importantly, they didn't bother to check out Bush's record on embassy attacks.
They would have discovered 13 embassy attacks under Bush, with 60 human lives sacrificed as a result. But nobody made a peep back then--because Democrats have the sense of decorum not to crucify a sitting president while we are at war.
Republicans have proven they think decorum is for pussies. Diplomacy is silly when you have as many bombs and missiles as we have.
These days, when I hear someone still carping about Benghazi, I figure there are two scenarios--they haven't kept up on the subject and their opinion is frozen in time, or they are stupid, recalcitrant teabagging right wingers who have nothing good to say about their POTUS candidates so they bring up this hackneyed old bullshit to try to discredit Hillary.
For those who are unsure of the Benghazi embassy facts, a simple search will provide several different news sources that will state the facts and be up to date with them. All but Fox "news" will be accurate enough to close this matter for good.

Oh, and the so-called e-mail "scandal" investigations also have cleared Hillary.

If you hear that the GOP has launched any new investigations into either topic, know that your tax dollars are once again being squandered by a crooked GOP too lazy to do the work they were elected to do.

When we spread rumors about situations that have been resolved in favor of Hillary, we are no longer rumor mongering, we are committing libel or slander--i.e. intentionally spreading lies to hurt one's reputation.

Don't vote for her if you don't like her, but propagating lies against her or Bernie is weak and chickenshit. Google or Snopes it first. Saves a lot of embarrassment and a loss of credibility.
These days in social media when I see a lie being spread, I say something. I wish everyone would.
The stakes are too high to allow a rat bastard to get elected because people believed lies about the better candidate. Don't let it happen. Please.
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