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  1. The KIVA Team
  2. Every Gay American Should Know
  3. Supporting Queer Space
  4. What Women Have Helped You Become Who You Are Today?
  5. Pride in a Small Town: A Musing on Visibility
  6. PFLAG and Related Conversations
  7. Activism, Organizing, Pride Events: Good Strategies for Visibility
  8. LGBTQ Allies - Recognition and Thanks
  9. Being a "Community" Ally
  10. LGBT Activism, Charities, Political Actions:A Community Resource
  11. Gay Marriage until...a break up. Why Gays need to walk the walk.
  12. Lesbian Health Survey- Can you help this PhD Student?? PLEASE!!
  13. Rainbow/Queer Flags/Bumper Stickers--Yes/No?
  14. A World Without Hate~LGBT Community
  15. Gay Bus - Game... Kill the Homosexuals
  16. best activist tool ever...
  17. trevor project/it gets better
  19. Which Gay Pride March are you going to this year?
  20. Dollywood makes gay woman turn her shirt inside out
  21. Activism Issues: Collectives and Conferences
  22. Frank Kameny, founder of the Matachine Society died yesterday at the age of 86.
  23. Wear Purple and Support Spirit Day, October 20
  24. Barbara Grier founder of Naiad Press dies
  25. Women's Music: love songs, political songs, reverent or irreverent songs, instrumentals ... whatever moves you.
  26. The Limp-Wristed Hand Gesture
  27. Gender Discussion on THE VIEW starting with "Brangelina's" kids
  28. Pride, the month, the holiday...what does it mean to you?
  29. Project L.O.V.E.
  30. National Coming Out Day
  31. Donation Call: Ali Forney Center in Chelsea (NYC) destroyed
  32. National GIveOUT Day 5/21/2015
  33. Brainstorming: LGBTQ activism post-marriage rights