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  1. Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
  2. What will YOU be reading on November 17th?
  3. A wolf among all the sheep ! go kid
  4. The Hansen Miller Appeal
  5. State of the Union Address - One little comment about queer folks
  6. The Beginning of the End for DADT
  7. SRS may now be tax-deductible
  8. Senators warned of terrorist attack on US by July
  9. Fix and then Pass the Healthcare Bill
  10. US Constitution: 1st Amendment
  11. Should the US Senate Modify or Get Rid of It Entirely?
  12. Presenting Another Ignorant Moron Running for Office: Barb Davis White
  13. it was not in vain.........
  14. PA Civil Rights Bill HB 300
  15. The "Other" DADT Policy
  16. Laws to make you healthier
  17. Mississippi school prom off after lesbian's date request
  18. Politics: The Dark Ages edition
  19. ACTION ALERT: Sit-in in Pelosi's office NOW - help us GetENDA!
  20. The Rise of Anti-Government Bigots: Spitting, the N-Word, Anti-Gay/Lesbian Slurs
  21. Only in Canada: Ann Coulter Silenced
  22. Help Fight Phelps
  23. 20 Most Powerful Lesbians in US Politics
  24. Who will the newest SUPREME COURT Justice? What is the Strategy?
  25. President Obama Tells Federal Agency To Estabish Rule Barring Hospitals From Denying Visitation to Gay, Lesbian Partners
  26. Schooling Generations in American Exceptionalism
  27. Obama's Health Care Overhaul: Your Opinions
  28. It's Time to Boycott Arizona
  29. PM Brown calls an old woman a bigot ...
  30. I'm Fired Up Now! - A Rant
  31. Diffrent Types of petitions to consider
  32. This is not a hate crime!
  33. President Obama: Policy, Presidency, and Person
  34. So what party do you represent?
  35. Women and Politics
  36. Rise of the New Right
  37. Oceana's Petition to Ban Offshore Drilling
  38. Busting Political Myths
  39. Let's CRASH Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally!!!
  40. How facts backfire
  41. Activism - Past, Present & Future
  42. Religious Holidays in Public Schools
  43. Politicians, Policies, Politics You LIKE!
  44. Poll: Should owners of dogs that kill people be prosecuted for murder?
  45. Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero
  46. Lawsuit Claims College Ordered Student to Alter Religious Views on Homosexuality, Or Be Dismissed
  47. General Immigration Issues - The Good, the Bad...
  48. Concealed weapons. Yes or No ???
  49. Beck and Palin
  50. NY Gov. starting a tax war with Native Americans
  51. Obama back on stride? Prelude to 2012, or just for Mid-Terms?
  52. Hate Crimes
  53. DADT...
  54. Montana GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal
  55. DADT vote happening now
  56. What is the most important single issue for you during the Mid-Term elections?
  57. How's that gay and ultra-conservative working out?
  58. Head-Spinning Political Shit!
  59. Lets bring out the vote...
  60. President Obama To Host Youth Town Hall Special On MTV
  61. Florida gay adoption ban overturned!!
  62. Free Vibrator to Anyone who votes
  63. American Members: Remember to Vote today!
  64. Just when I am about to become a hard-bitten cynic...
  65. UN General Assembly: Summary execution of queers okay
  66. If YOU Were President!
  67. The Shock Doctorine and American politics...
  68. Obama and the tax cut issue
  69. Obama's Public Support of Michael Vick
  70. Politically Charged Violence - Who's Responsible?
  71. 2011 - Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr
  72. Favorite Political Quotes
  73. Tonight's State of the Union Address--Jan. 2011
  74. Political Predictions
  75. Unions and Workers on the Move!
  76. No Fly Zone over Libya - Rhetoric/Implications
  77. Do Businesses Have the Right to Refuse Service Based on Moral/Religious Objections?
  78. Inside Job
  79. Hypothetical Scenario ~ 2012 ~ Oprah or The Donald
  80. May 5, 1981
  81. 2012 US General Election Discussions: Start to Finish
  82. Preventing Same-Sex Couples Hospital Visitation Rights
  83. Tea Party leader says anti-gay bullying is ‘healthy peer pressure’
  84. OK - Score one for Obama - Endorses Respect for Marriage Act
  85. Being Topless and The Law!
  86. Queers and Immigration
  87. Floridians Legal Handbook for LGBT(Q) Floridians and their families
  88. Get the money out of politics - new grassroots movement.
  89. My solution to the problem of Election Corruption in the USA. What are your ideas?
  90. Police Brutality in the Cell Phone/Internet Video Age
  91. Medicare patients suing Obama administration
  92. Mr/Ms President I Have A Question
  93. The Comedy of Politics
  94. Blacklisting the Internet
  95. US Citizen Married in Canada? You may only THINK you're married...
  96. Darlings, Please pay attention to the elections. We are under attack this year. Please vote against it.
  97. Can You Be Fired for Your Genes? The number of complaints about genetic discrimination is on the rise
  98. Addicting Info
  99. Why we must Vote!
  100. Free Pussy Riot
  101. First Lady Michelle Obama....
  102. Solitude of Self 1892 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  103. What voting method will you use?
  104. Women For Obama
  105. Elections 2012: BFP Watch Party
  106. The Push for Texas to Secede From The Union...
  107. 2014 Midterm Elections
  108. In Our Backyard.
  109. Stop the HATE, free KATE
  110. feeling politically powerless - what do you do?
  111. Teachers Dress Code?
  112. Just news
  113. Duggar Demons
  114. Let's Make Some Political Noise!
  115. Vice Presidential Politics
  116. Political Speeches - Old and New
  117. Democratic Debate 2015
  118. 2016 Presidential Candidates
  119. Which Candidate is for Me? A survey
  120. Hosted/Moderated, Scheduled Chat on the Topic of the 2016 Presidential Election
  121. It's not OK to..........
  122. Clinton & Benghazi
  123. Political heretics and heresies
  124. ERSOL--Watch for the news
  125. Presidential Slugfest 2016 - Debate Watch Party!
  126. What is your method of voting this election?
  127. Women's March on Washington and Sister Events Nationwide
  128. Fun With Alternative Facts!
  129. Any bets on Mueller vs Trump?
  130. US members - Will you vote November 2018?
  131. coming to the US for 20/20 elections
  132. Is Trump a Russian Asset?