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  1. What Are You Thankful For?
  2. Negotiating Silence
  3. My Best Friend
  4. Dedications, Celebrations, Devotions from the Heart; for those who have touched our lives
  5. Meditation/Self-Hypnosis/Trance
  6. How Seriously Do You Take Yourself?
  7. Derails?
  8. If You *REALLY* knew Me...
  9. Generation SILENT
  10. Question for everyone
  11. Personal Space -- In Your Face
  12. Acts of Kindness, Reality & Perception
  13. Our Answers To Big Questions
  14. A bit about you.
  15. I love...
  16. Do you care ??
  17. What is your Blood Pressure?
  18. When you're down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
  19. Hello out there.
  20. Do you have a unique pet? Out of the norm?
  21. Has reading a post ever facilitated a change of mind surrounding something of significance?
  22. Alone for the Holidays
  23. How do you communicate when you're angry?
  24. Love and Hugs to Mr. Moon...and extra love for Taylor Dane
  25. What is your calling?
  26. 40 Questions
  27. LGBT friends you have IRL
  28. Dreams... Tell Us... What Do They Mean....
  29. Returning Home - how to reconnect
  30. Rehoboth Delaware Butch/Femme group
  31. How did you get started????
  32. Do a Day of Compassion with me!
  33. For the Love of Intentions!!
  34. Thank You Koop
  35. Seasonal Creativity
  36. Thank you beautiful friends.
  37. Worth waiting for
  38. Phone and Text Etiquette - Your Opinion?
  39. Tattoos telling a story in Ink