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  1. Please take legal steps to protect those you love.
  2. Move Your Money Movement
  3. "What have you done for me lately?" ~ your country
  4. Anonymity: Good for ideas or no?
  5. Why do we call the US America?
  6. Please check this out, I need votes
  7. Read This
  8. Able-Bodied Privilege
  9. Gender inclusivity, diversity and misogyny
  10. Strategic Voting
  11. Feminism: A Multi-Wave Social Movement
  12. Class, Privilege, and Social Markers
  13. Lesbian Cougar Video--funny or not?
  14. Building a Cohesive & Politically EFFECTIVE B-F LGBTIQ Alliance
  15. *,\'(;-)/.?!:"...
  16. "This is my truth"
  17. Allergies/Sensitivities - The Social Responsibility?
  18. Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?
  19. Have you met or know a psychopath/sociopath?
  20. All things English/American
  21. What influences the order of names in a couple?
  22. Speeches
  23. What did you learn today?
  24. Questions of Ethics
  25. back again
  26. Musings after meeting with this adorable young heterosexual couple that wants to buy my house.
  27. What's Happening in Your World Today
  28. Poetry and Class
  29. When Will There Be Guaranteed Freedom From Persecution To Be Religious
  30. Regrets...Do You Have One or Some?
  31. Unpopular and Maligned Animals
  32. Food Documentaries
  33. A GIRL YOU SHOULD DATE - Date a girl who reads...
  34. Favorite Books........
  35. What have you learned?
  36. Books I WANT to read eventually....
  37. Call it what it is.
  38. The Emergency Broadcast System
  39. What influences our reactions to sexual abuse/exploitation of children?
  40. Movies That Molded Our Lives
  41. Legacy
  42. Tugging at the Heartstrings
  43. FINDING MEANING...Connecting the dots...
  44. I Don't Get It
  45. Empathy
  46. Internalized misogyny and sexism
  47. Women-only city planned - What do you think?
  48. Why it's Offensive / Is it Offensive
  49. Who Should Have The Right To Marry?
  50. belonging
  51. time machine
  52. "Wet Bias"
  53. Disability Issues
  54. public thank you for.....
  55. What expanded your mind today?
  56. "Before I die, I want to........."
  57. What are the bravest things you have done? Celebrate your courage!
  58. What will happen when you die?
  59. What Should We Do To Effect Change?
  60. What are your faults?
  61. March 14th is National Question Day
  62. Body image & your experience growing up
  63. Lumosity, do you?
  64. How do you save money!
  65. The Price of Black Lives
  66. The Interloper
  67. Changing one's surname
  68. A Walk Across America
  69. Where are you from?
  70. The *actual* poll of Where are you From/Living
  71. What are your life basics?
  72. How we grieve
  73. Does not being a "feely" person mean you are incapable of intimacy (all kinds)?
  74. Your best advice in 4 words or less?
  75. Being an adult...what does that really mean?
  76. Would you....
  77. PC: to be or not to be
  78. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  79. Crush or Love?
  80. The USA is the greatest country in the world??
  81. Harshness or Kindness that is the question?
  82. The New Year and YOU
  84. COVID Life
  85. Tell the Truth: Renaming Headline News Stories.