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  1. The H1N1 Virus
  2. Walmart bad!
  3. Decent reporting: does it exist any more?
  4. World AIDS Day, December 1st
  5. Same-Sex Marriage Update
  6. The Tiger Woods Thing
  7. Pregnant Women and Combat
  8. Prayers For Haiti
  9. DSM-5 Proposed Draft
  10. Walmart: Evil or no?
  11. Queer the Census
  12. Now you have more time...
  13. Body Science : New Discoveries, News, Health Science
  14. Immigration Equality
  15. Denying Children cause Parents are Lesbians
  16. 12 Biggest Rip-Offs in America
  17. Sign Petition To Have Crossdressing Removed From DSM
  18. Weird Science
  19. Child Brides - Tradition or State Sanctioned Rape?
  20. Recession or Depression?
  21. Oh, cool! Geek and Science News 3000
  22. It's a Conspiracy, I tells ya!
  23. Day of Silence
  24. The Westboro Baptist Church - Hate Group or?
  25. Legalization of drugs, pros and cons!
  26. Veiling, Burqas and Western Feminism
  27. Fan Tasered. What do you think?
  28. howard dully's "my lobotomy: a memoir"
  29. Backscatter
  30. The Prison Thread
  31. Gulf Oil Slick
  32. Gulf Oil Spill: What You Can Do To Help
  33. Maude Barlow on Water: The Myth of Abundance
  34. Manmade DNA in Lab
  35. Stem Cell/ Bone Marrow Donation
  36. Farm Abuse
  37. Memorial Day: Remembering all who have fallen
  38. Moral and Epistemic Relativism
  39. Violence Against Women - What we in the US take for granted
  40. Today in History
  41. Anyone besides me boycotting BP?
  42. The Genital Mutilation Thread
  43. Gas Taxes
  44. What is up with children being murdered by their mothers?
  45. The Euthanasia Poll
  46. breast ironing (warning:graphic material)
  47. Emmer, Target, the Boycott
  49. OTHER Junk to boycott
  50. Pill to "lessen" intersex may also reduce homosexuality
  51. Where Were You Nine Years Ago Today?
  52. Bill C-389 (Protecting gender identity/expression in Canada)
  53. 2012.... what do you think
  54. Nat'l Coming Out Day...
  55. SPIRIT DAY 10/20/10
  56. Huffpost commenters?
  57. Potential Cure for Common Cold? No.. really!
  58. It is not too early to begin working on 2012
  59. War
  60. Child Abuse Rate at 0% in Lesbian Families
  61. Death Penalty - News, Thoughts, Info
  62. Where Does Our Death Penalty Passion Come From
  63. Favorite Phone App's...
  64. John Lennon
  65. The Lost MP3 Files
  66. Science and Exploration
  67. Last Hope Shelter in need of help
  68. Education Issues
  69. "Is This the End of the World?"
  70. Unemployment and economic news
  71. Ask the Dreadlocked Science Geek
  72. Islam, Jihad and the American Presence
  73. Of interest to feminists/ womens studies
  74. Post Your Online Petitions Here!
  75. President's Day
  76. International Women's Day (March 8)
  77. Japan hit by 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake
  78. Re: H.H.The Dalai Lama
  79. Women left out of economic recovery - 90% of new jobs go to men
  80. TSA Experiences
  81. Libya
  82. Muslim Women In Athletics
  83. The Internet and the Death of Privacy
  84. Bon Voyage Voyager 1!
  85. Science: Do we believe or do we accept?
  86. Passwords.. how good is yours?
  87. TED talks, do you listen?
  88. First Synthetic Organ Transplant
  89. United States debt & economic realities
  90. In search of DB Cooper!
  91. Hurricane News & Other Helpful Info
  92. Is revenge OK?
  93. 10 years on...
  94. National Hispanic Heritage Month!!
  95. Hippies of Today
  96. Feminism and Reproductive Rights
  97. "Science" textbook for Christian schools can't even explain electricity
  98. Republicans boo gay soldier during debate
  99. saudi women to vote in 2015
  100. Leisha Hailey was kicked off plane for lesbian kiss
  101. Boy Scouts of America: Is it appropriate to educate a 10 year-old that's soliciting funds for that kind of organization?
  102. Orlando (Florida) Pride is this weekend.
  104. Steve Jobs 1955-2011
  105. The Pathological Altruist
  106. Occupy (your city here) - Practical Matters
  107. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!
  108. Lesser known LGBTQ culture/experiences
  109. Obama announces end to war in Iraq
  110. "Austerity Measures" or Social Genocide -Stories from around the Globe
  111. Occupy Wall Street and language
  112. Miss Representation
  113. High School Students Crowned America's First Lesbian Homecoming Couple
  114. Justice as fairness: we can do better than we are
  115. How to make a difference and support Small Business
  116. Remix: Orlando Pride (previously rained out) Reset for this week-end Nov. 10-13
  117. High School Coach/Guidance Counselor Hands Out Petition Caling Kids "Pussies" "Queers" and "Little Bitches"
  119. Jonah Mowry, Middle Schooler, Gay, Bullied, Support
  120. Hillary Clinton speaks at the UN regarding LGBT human rights
  121. The Economic Crisis in Europe
  122. Dangerous Dog Food, Cat Food, Animal Foods and Toys Recall
  123. SOPA/PIPA: What and why
  124. Strange Noise In The Sky Around The World
  125. Healthcare News and Research
  126. News on Women's and/or LGBTQ Health
  127. Environmental News
  128. Street Harrassment
  129. Titanic 100 Years Later
  130. Heartbreaking
  131. HIV prevention pill
  132. Leading Psychiatrist Apologizes for Study Supporting Gay ‘Cure’
  133. She's Flying Even Higher Now... Sally Ride dies at age 61 - Pancreatic Cancer
  134. London Olympics 2012
  135. Logistics and Saturdays
  136. Individuals living alone on the rise worldwide
  137. Your Favorite Documentaries
  138. 150 Years of Lesbians: A Pictorial History
  139. Fallen Hero
  140. Frankenstorm Sandy
  141. Hypothetical re Roe v. Wade
  142. Global Warming
  143. Thank You To The Many Veterans Here!!
  144. Restore funding to the military tuition assistance program.
  145. Private Prisons
  146. Interesting Article, and Equally Interesting May
  147. Thirty million people are slaves, half in India - survey
  148. The Santa Barbara killings
  149. Independence- how was it for you?
  150. Women in Science
  151. Ebola, news and discussion
  152. New Rule: Residents In Some States May Need Passports For Domestic Flights In 2018