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  25. Mental Illness
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  30. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  31. off meds - kinda need support
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  34. To do or not to do-an operational question
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  37. Advice needed....my baby (puppy) is having surgery
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  41. Anybody want to talk about sexual expression (performance?) as we age? Nitty gritty stuff.
  42. How do you nurture yourself?
  43. LGBT Youth resources for Manassas, VA?
  44. Ok, soooooo....
  45. My moms dog was poisoned
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  56. Am I the only one who hates Christmas time? (The Holidays in general)
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  61. Prayers for Abby (our own Abigail Crabby)
  62. sometimes you hafta say it out loud...
  63. shocked and grieving...
  64. Ben is in the hospital
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  66. Medical Power of Attorney and Other Informational Help
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  68. Romeosoftstud has passed away
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  74. This is a tough one (regarding child maltreatment)
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  76. Is it normal to grieve for so long
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  84. Prayers and healing energy for Nomad
  86. An Industry of Madness?
  87. Vulnerability, Shame and Courage
  88. Prayer And Support For EthanGaBoy
  89. Prayers needed for Greyson and Julieisafemme
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  92. Prayer Circle for My Dad, James
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  95. Suicide of B-F couple in Philly
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  99. Cptsd and surviving narcisistic parent and impact on r'ships