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  6. Transsexual Sportswriter Dies at 52
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  8. The Ultimate Backpack: Unpacking your own Male Privilege
  9. Transgender Teen Files Complaint Against McDonald’s
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  21. Top 10: Things To Have In Your Home That Women Love
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  24. Wanting to be a man of integrity: lost cause?
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  48. Remembering trans women & men lost to violence
  49. Drag Kings/Drag Queens: Has Performance helped you find yourself?
  50. When Is It Going to Stop?
  51. "Becoming Chaz"
  52. Pakistan's Transgender Tax Collectors
  53. Youtube?
  54. How did you get to where you are today?
  55. Viagra and FTMs- ANyone have any experience?
  56. Changing Gender Marker on US Passport
  57. Butches and Transguys: are you a size 16 1/2 32-33 shirt?
  58. Gun Hill Road (movie about transition from family view)
  59. Ebons Natural Transition Online Journal (its not a diary!!)
  60. "I see you as a man"
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  62. Paige came out on national TV
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  65. Aussie Appeal in WA successful for FTMs
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  67. FBI official definition changed
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  88. "How To Make Love to a Trans Person" by Gabe Moses
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  96. prophylactic mastectomy - possible pathway to chest surgery for a few
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  98. Is top surgery always necessary?
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  122. Haircut From Hell: With A Side Order of Homophobia and Transphobia
  123. A Brief History of FTM Trans Civilization
  124. The Clothes Make the Transman?
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  126. The Maturing FtM: Topics on Aging & Wellness
  128. Updating Gender/Sex markers
  129. Lesbian Couple "Looks into Transgender" as a Loophole to Get Married
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