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  1. Relationships - What things do you want & need?
  2. My Honey is a Saint Because.....
  3. Being Friends with an Ex - How Long
  4. Valentine Day Romantic Plans
  5. Couples together 5 or 10 or 20+ yrs or better
  6. The Lover Style Profile test
  7. Have You Found Your Soul Mate?
  8. 5 Signs You May Be Dating an E-Cheater
  9. Butch/Femme Insemination and Family Dynamics
  10. Long Distance Relationships
  11. Relationships: Division of Labor
  12. Couples- how did you meet your partner?
  13. What do people think about speed dating?
  14. How Many Members Found Love on BFP?
  15. Would you date yourself?
  16. Dating vs. Mating
  17. Married/Partnered Planeteers - Combining Your Life
  18. Valentines day help?
  19. Trans Men and Butches Raising Femme Daughters.
  20. Question to those who are dating FTM...
  21. On/off the market?
  22. Best Date Night Movie-Advice Please?
  23. Rethinking our partner wishlists. Is it "settling" or adjusting to reality?
  24. Mother's Day
  25. The Love list.
  26. What do you do??
  27. In love with my best friend
  28. A look at Polygamy - Future Family Model
  29. *~friendships~*
  30. Dating women with children, any thoughts?
  31. Tips for Transitioning from an LDR to Living Together
  32. Baby Butch Journey
  33. Devotion
  34. This is beautiful..
  35. What are your three non-negotiables (in a relationship)?
  36. Would Like To Meet... a thread for your personal ad
  37. What Kind of Sexual Person Are You?
  38. The Personality Defect Test
  39. Modern Manners - Facebook et al
  40. It's the little things, like.....
  41. Is Marriage for you?
  42. Relating To Your Parent(s)
  43. Can You Really Be Friends With An Ex?
  44. Insecurities; I worry that women won't/don't like me
  45. Abuse in butch-femme relationships
  46. would you date someone with significantly different beliefs?
  47. A kiss is just a kiss
  48. Happy Mother's Day!
  49. How did everyone meet their better half?
  50. What "title" do you use for your SO? what do they use for you?
  51. Changing last names
  52. Wedding planning
  53. Carried over the threshold
  54. Dance lessons
  55. having kids/being the nonbio parent
  56. Too screwed up to be Loved?
  57. Claddagh rings
  58. Dr Who meets Xena..Imma getting married!
  59. Permission to propose
  60. A newly dating/sex/corsets/butch appreciatin question
  61. When a Femme meets a Butch... dating advice!
  62. Foster Parents/Adoptive Parents
  63. Everything you wanted to know about dating...
  64. How have you met the people you've been involved with romantically or sexually?
  65. Very sad tonight. Hubby died 9 years ago today.
  66. Trust and Technology
  67. Wedding Dress
  68. Prenuptial Agreements. Anyone have one? Anyone who would consider one if they married?
  69. The "Big Fish" Stories of Dating
  70. I got his blessing
  71. Does a Soulmate really Exist?
  73. Yesterdays Wedding
  74. DIY and Budget Weddings
  75. Date Excitement Thread
  76. Something horrible just happened
  77. Dating online - profiles and perusing
  78. Dating Personality Types
  79. Your Ideal Relationship Format
  80. Demographics of how we date/partner/be single
  81. How do you feel about "PDA"?
  82. Questions about dating sites
  83. Wedding Planning
  84. That first meet
  85. me , myself and my social stigma
  86. (Re)Building the trust...
  87. Living Apart, Together (LAT) A Support Thread
  88. Significant Age Gaps in Relationships
  89. The question of a "heartless bitch"
  90. Healing from Heartbreak
  91. Same Sex Marriage and Divorce
  92. Unusual Living Arrangements?
  93. Making it work 24/7
  94. The Psychology of Online Dating
  95. Same Sex Marriage
  96. Setting the bar high?
  97. Online dating and when to ask out?