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  1. Labels
  2. "Tough Guise"
  3. Gender Evolution - Your Coming of Age Stories
  4. "Butch" and "Femme" - Truly Antiquated Terms or More Marginalization?
  5. Average Age of the Planet
  6. How did you know?
  7. What is YOUR story?
  8. Maxwell Scott Anderson needs your support/prayers
  9. What Does "Feminist" Mean To You?
  10. What does the "B-F Dynamic" mean to you?
  11. What to do?
  12. 'I am a boy' insists child born a girl
  13. Therapists by States
  14. "Traditional" Masculinity in Today's Society
  15. The Gendering of the Young
  16. The Trinary: More of the Same or a new Path?
  17. Pronouns
  18. Gender Specific Clothing - How Open Minded Are We, Really?
  19. Haircut prices = DUMB!
  20. Internalized Homophobia
  21. OFOS.. a space for butch-femme dykes
  22. How do you know someone is..
  23. Spirituality and Orientation/Gender
  24. A request
  25. What does "woman" mean in a post-gender world?
  26. Has anyone else noticed that
  27. Hysto experiances?
  28. Breaking The Stereotype!
  29. Sex, Gender, or Sexual Orientation
  30. Gender/ID breakdown
  31. Family....?
  32. Breeder and other words we use to hurt our own.
  33. The Never-Ending Bathroom Debate
  34. Passing - Is it a Privilege?
  35. Article...
  36. Gender Fluidity
  37. where should they look?
  38. The Ethics of Closets and Outings
  39. Awesome Work Stories
  40. Swedish Parents Keep 2-year-old's Gender Secret
  41. Gendered Marketing
  42. Gender Identity Debated at Same-Sex Colleges
  43. NCAA women's basketball enables transgendered sportsperson to compete
  44. The Beauty of LGBTQ Femininity - Images and Videos
  45. Sexual Orientation......Who does or does not have one?
  46. Show starting now!
  47. Identity, Authenticity - Do they conflict?
  48. sweethearts overrated?
  49. The Gender Genie
  50. "When Did You Choose to be Straight...?"
  51. Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate's sex-change operation- What do you think?
  52. I am... and I prefer the term...
  53. CNN reports on GIDC
  54. Genderless Baby
  55. "Sissy Boy Syndrome"
  56. Gender Neutral Kindergarten in Sweden
  57. What is your fondest coming out memory?
  58. Click.... when we knew we were feminists
  59. Finally Lady Gaga has managed to press all my buttons...
  60. Australia Adds Third Gender Option for Passports
  61. UK to Introduce 'Gender free' Passports?
  62. Your First Girl/ Woman Crush
  63. How do I stop feeling like this?
  64. National Coming Out Day 10/11! What's Your Story?
  65. Butch/Femme Dynamic vs "Masculinity" and "Femininity"
  66. Being Tactile...
  67. This made me laugh..
  68. Priviledge
  69. VANILLA THREAD Who can initiate sex in your relationship? VANILLA THREAD
  70. I wish there was a support group for lesbian partners of FTM
  71. California LGBT Survey
  72. Sh*t people say to other people
  73. Partners of transmen
  74. It's a comic called the 'Pregnant Butch'
  75. Where do I fit in?
  76. More on where do I fit in? Labels, why do we need them?
  77. Are butches really a dying breed?
  78. Let's talk about Judith Butler
  79. brain function and sexuality
  80. It Hurts Me.
  81. What men say about women when they don't know you've lived as a woman
  82. Gender Myths....
  83. Should he have outed himself?
  84. social cues
  85. Help me write this - discussion of gender dynamics in lesbian community
  86. Taboo: Sexual Identity
  87. HuffPost Article on Drag Kings
  88. Policing Gender
  89. Mansplaining
  90. What does ButchFemmePlanet.com mean to me?
  91. New childrens' show features "gender-bending" action hero
  92. Friendship Circles: Gender Differences in How We Do It?
  93. Talking to family
  94. you dying wish's / living will
  95. Ivan Coyote
  96. Lack of understanding of genderqueer
  97. interesting articles
  98. Not wanting to use labels
  99. What does womanhood mean to you?
  100. Trans or Butch