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  1. Breaking News Events
  2. Fort Hood
  3. This is a good start!
  4. Outrageous News Stories from Around the Globe
  5. Mom: Hospital To Blame For Son’s Suicide
  6. Free Medical Clinics
  7. Seriously?
  8. Uganda Proposes Death Penalty for Gays
  9. Meridith Baxter Annouces She's Gay
  10. One of those Say WHAT?! Moments
  11. The GOOD NEWS Thread
  12. Trans Woman refused job because of Trans status; called a "faggot"
  13. Houston Could Elect Openly Gay Mayor
  14. 1 Billion Hungry Worldwide.
  15. Trans Woman Appointed Tech. Advisor to Dept. Of Commerce
  16. TSA Plans Full Searches for Certain Fliers
  17. Why Haiti?
  18. In Memory of Teddy Pendergrass
  19. Pat Robertson claims Haiti is cursed; earthquake caused by Haiti's pact with the devil.
  20. New 6.1 Quake Hits Haiti
  21. Is Starbucks blaming the victim?
  22. Anti abortion ad to air during Super Bowl
  23. Howard Zinn, 87, and J.D. Salinger, 91, die
  24. Family Research Council spokesman advocates criminalizing homosexuality
  25. "Ex-Gay" Fliers Distributed At Maryland High Schools
  26. Small Plane Crashes in Austin Tx
  27. 64 Saved as "Class Afloat" Ship Sinks off Brazil
  28. Offbeat News
  29. Arrest ordered in same-sex parent custody case
  30. Serial rapist now a racial issue in KC
  31. 8.8 Quake Rocks Chile
  32. Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide
  33. Couple Let Baby Starve To Death While Raising Virtual Baby Online.
  34. North Dallas' Royal Lane Baptist Church ends silence on welcoming gays, lesbians with Web site change
  35. Asia 'missing' 96 million women: UN
  36. LIVE right now! DC marriages
  37. Actor Corey Haim dead at 38
  38. Gay Air Force Sergeant Discharged After Police Out Her
  39. Keith Olbermann's Father Has Passed
  40. Briton Recognized as world's first non-gender person
  41. Good News not to be Missed
  42. More Homophobic Bullshit from Itawamba
  43. Dixie Carter Passes Away
  44. Sonoma County CA Separates Elderly Gay Couple & Sells All Their Possessions
  45. Park Police and the U.S. Marshals refer to DADT Officer as "it", "shim"
  46. Lesbian DELETED from High School Yearbook
  47. Woman stabs lover for poor performance
  48. Family Research Council leader caught w/ gay prostitute
  49. Lena Horne Dies at 92
  50. Teacher Beats Student
  51. Portugal's president ratifies gay marriage law
  52. Bill O"ReillY compares Transgendered people to Ewoks
  53. Van Der Sloot Sought in Peru Killing
  54. Rue McClanahan dies
  55. Americans' Acceptance of Gay Relations Increases
  56. Elton John, singing at Rush Limbaugh's 4th Wedding
  57. Gay man beat by 2 marines
  58. Abused horses being returnd to owner, this just piss's me OFF!!
  59. Woman Posed as a 14-year old boy to have sex with 16 yr old girl
  60. Transwoman discriminated against at Muncie Hospital
  61. Woman Smothers 8 Babies over 17 Years
  62. Memphis City Councilwoman threatened for supporting gay rights
  63. Another oil well explodes!!!
  64. Death Penalty for Gays in Uganda...we need to pay attention
  65. Lives Lost in Deadly San Bruno Explosion/Fire
  66. What Gives...
  67. Keith Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely After Political Contributions
  68. Police Chaplains Resign Over Lesbian Appointment
  69. Rosa Parks 55th Anniversary
  70. Elizabeth Edwards has lost her battle with breast cancer:
  71. In isolated Utah city, new clubs for gay students
  72. Lesbians and gays denied help at homeless shelter in Georgia
  73. LGBT visitation rights now enforced
  74. Gay marriage could move forward in some U.S. states
  75. Boys play on girls field hockey team
  76. Hypocrites in the news
  77. Unions..... a civil rights issue
  78. Japanese reactor crisis
  79. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  80. Baby Jessica is now 25 and about $800,000 richer
  81. storm damage
  82. Donald Trump: Adult Bully? Adult Baby? or Media Genius?
  83. 8 horses killed, set on fire / anti hate crime
  84. Tornados
  85. What is Wrong wih this picture??
  87. Global peace and safety
  88. Did the Pakistan government know Osama bin Laden was there?
  89. "SlutWalks" international protest movement
  90. South Africa violence against lesbians
  91. How did the people in Texas fare?
  92. Psychology Today posts racist article: Why black women are less attractive?!?!?!?
  93. The origins of Memorial Day
  94. US Congress News & Discussions
  95. Malaysia Obedient Wives Club
  96. Lesbian sites actually done by men??
  97. Facebook Wars and The Judicial System
  98. New Meaning to "Eat Shit"
  99. The Math of HIV
  100. Outrageous!
  101. Casey Anthony - guilty, or not?
  102. Here they come again! Racist on the horizen
  103. Slave Labor
  104. 'True heroes' mourned after Taliban fighters down chopper, killing 30 US troops.
  105. Always makes me laugh when its a Republican who voted against gay rights!
  106. Facebook to end Nov. 5?
  107. REALLY? - Some things are common sense
  109. fracking and earthquakes
  111. NOM is disturbing
  112. Interesting Story Airing on Primetime Tonight
  113. Women lost job offer for her perceived sexual orientation
  114. Power out to Southern al and parts of Arizona
  115. Troy Davis - Guilty or Innocent?
  116. WTF Humanity?
  117. Troy Davis, We are failing you...
  118. Crime In The News
  119. News in Time Mag this week of interest To all
  120. R.I.P. Steve Jobs...
  121. Strong Women rock!
  122. Queer couple thrown out of Tim Hortons, claiming “Family Friendly Environment”.
  123. RIP
  124. The Penn State Gay Sex Scandal -WTF!!!!
  125. JFK
  126. What you may not know about Chick-fil-A
  127. New Obama Family Portrait
  128. Shortage of Butter in Norway~
  129. Susan G Komen Defunds Planned Parenthood.
  130. "One Town's War on Gay Teens"
  131. Open Mouth. Insert Foot.
  132. How much is your privacy worth? Google offering to pay web users to track their every move
  133. MSNBC Finally Gets
  134. MSNBC Finanly Get's it Right.
  135. The Assault on Womens Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  136. Possibly Triggery: What Is Happening To Our Kids?
  137. Disney Closes Anti-Obesity Exhibit Amid Critical Backlash
  138. Tornado's Feb 2012, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky
  139. Female Friendly States
  140. Look what happened in London this weekend!!
  141. The Jim Crow Museum, which will have its grand opening on April 26th, says it has the largest collection of artifacts from the seg
  142. What Do You Think of TIME‘s Breastfeeding Cover?
  143. The Depth of the Student Loan Debt
  144. Help if you can.
  145. CNN Anchor: ‘Incest, pedophilia are often not by choice… homosexuality is a lifestyle choice’
  146. This is amazing
  147. For gay parents - get ready for a new sham survey
  148. White House proposal attracts the usual bible bashing haters - one man's response
  149. Bullying of teachers more damaging in online era
  150. Christians apologizing
  151. Oreo Boycott
  152. Donating Money to Help Mary Kristene Chapa
  153. US Olympic Outfits
  154. 14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater
  155. Huffington Post
  156. International News
  157. Sally Ride obituary reveals she was a lesbian
  158. how would you react if your neighbor did this to you ????
  159. 7 dead and dozens injured in mass shooting at Sikh temple
  160. Starbucks Appreciation Day Today! 8/7/2012! Marriage Equality Day!
  161. Man Orders TV Through Amazon, Receives Assault Rifle Instead
  162. school to prison pipeline
  163. Facebook and racisim
  164. 'gay cure' therapy for teens??
  165. "She Makes Fitness Look Lke Fashion"
  166. Thread for news stories that make you go huh?
  167. American Consulate Attack in Libya
  168. Sikh Woman Balpreet Kaur Turns Cyber Bullying Incident into Inspiration
  169. The Debates
  170. Gallup study: 3.4 percent of US adults are LGBT
  171. Russel Means passed away
  172. increase in Gun sales ...
  173. Feminism in News and Popular Media
  174. Nemo- Historical NE Storm
  175. Illinois Senate passes Marriage bill
  176. Nutrition - The Science Behind Junk Food
  177. Boston Marathon bombings.......
  178. Ohio Catholic School Teacher Fired for Coming Out in Her Mother's Obituary
  179. Issues in coming out within different sports cultures
  180. Following "ex-gays" and ex-"ex-gays"
  181. Severe Weather Check-in!
  182. Obamacare Survival Guide ??
  183. No more going commando!
  184. Miami Dolphins Players Harassment Case
  185. Queer News
  186. Sochi Winter Olympics
  187. New York Explosion
  188. Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church, Kansas; Gay Hate Activists Died Today
  189. France-Same Sex Unions-Glitch in the Law
  190. WTF!
  192. Breaking News Dallas Man Tests Positive for Ebola
  194. Farewell, Leslie
  195. Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014
  196. Oklahoma Bombing 20yr Anniversary
  197. Deaths and Injuries in Police Custody
  199. thinking of those in paris
  200. Turkey shoots down Russian War plane
  201. Trumpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall
  202. Feeling Berned Out Yet?
  203. The Bathroom Issue
  204. The Orlando Massacre - sorting out the facts.
  205. South Florida LGBTQ bars on alert after threat of Pulse-style massacre
  206. Trump's bad decision(s) of the day
  207. Milo Yiannopoulous Fuckery
  208. Weinstein
  209. Politics: 2018 midterm elections
  210. Aretha Franklin - 1942 - 2018
  211. Kavenaugh OMG
  212. Tax Evasion & Red-Handed Trump
  213. Did a civil war just start?
  214. GOP calls Democrats "Angry Mob"
  215. 2020 Presidential Election
  216. General Political Discussion